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Author: admin |Fri, 06/12/2009

33 Does it happen to you that the working day has only begun, and you already feel full of weakness?

When loading prevails over rest and it is not compensated, it means that you have a syndrome of chronic weariness. Unloading should be adequate, and it not only a sleep, but also conditions and activity change. In a reality, we have all day long work, having rummaged only on a dream. The organism constantly is in a condition of "fighting" and eventually simply "burns down"!

It concerns not only the people occupying supervising posts, it concerns everybody living and working «on a limit».

We cannot change a way of life, and daily loadings. But we still can do something.

It is necessary to organize the day so that there were various kinds of activity: both mental work, and physical activity.

Try to relax, money are paid for result, instead of for excessive efforts on its achievement. A life on a mode, with the accurate schedule is one of the ways to achieve the harmony with yourself. Make the list of planning in the morning, and in the evening count the results... if you haven't succeed to do something in time, simply transfer it for tomorrow. The one who does not hasten anywhere is to be in time.

The chance to forget the work happens only when you have a vacation. But even if you managed to idle efficiently in vacation weeks and forget a word "work", at office complications are possible still. Many try to join actively in process at once and solve collected problems. Experience shows that it is not necessary to hurry up to make the important decisions in the first day after holiday - oversights are possible. Therefore it is necessary to give yourself time for intelligence activization. The discontent with the work and a life is very brightly shown after holiday.

You can rise in the morning 20-30 minutes earlier, than usually. It will give you an extra time on reconsideration of values, accustoming to new conditions and dreams of following holiday.

Try to relax more often. There is a remarkable means for a soul and body relaxation. It is meditation. Twenty minutes of immersing in it replace 9 hours of a dream. To learn meditation is possible using video- and to audiocassettes or through the books. If regular meditation is not your style do at least 15 minutes break twice a day directly at the working place. During such break release a brain from any thoughts, weaken muscles and breathe deeply and exactly. Short rest will give you a powerful charge of a life.

Do not forget to smile sincerely always with your eyes and fill heart with love. It is preventive maintenance of all illnesses.

- When you are sad, angry, suppressed, when you cry or are nervous, your bodies allocate poisons; but if you are happy and smile, they make a salutary liquid similar to honey.

- It is not a secret for anybody that we lead today any feverish life. For many it began habitual to finish the working day with a headache. It is necessary to do something with pressure which increases around, and in you in particular.

- Strangely enough, that it is necessary to do is to do nothing.

- For this purpose it is necessary to smile. Thanks to such simple action the world varies, and what seemed to appear the big trouble never becomes it any more.

- Wherever you were, whether you go or sit, smile, relax, fill the heart with love and allow love waves to fill all your body.

It is so simply and it is so useful. Simply place rest and love in your heart, smile more often - and all your troubles will melt, as ice under sun beams.

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