Don’t let time be your enemy

Author: admin |Thu, 06/18/2009

69 In XIV century the clock appeared, and we have turned to captives of time which began to supervise all spheres of our life. Time has turned to the enemy.

We try to squeeze out everything of time released to us that is possible. However, probably, it is on the contrary: the time squeezes out all our forces.

We are running on a dial circle. And for 700 years we are trying to squeeze out everything that is possible of time released to us. However results of modern researches say that, probably, all on the contrary: this time squeezes out all our energy.

The sensation of chronic shortage of time is, probably, illness, and same popular, as usual cold, and so harmful to an organism, as chronic stress. The sensation as if you have got to time vice, becomes the reason of many, if not every, stress symptoms, including increase of frequency of warm reductions and a blood pressure, a sleeplessness, attacks of causeless alarm, muscular pressure and constant irritability. The overwhelming sensation that time adjusts forces to hasten and our own internal clocks that conducts to presenilation and can become the reason of premature death.

Attempts to keep up with time can:

- break heart work: researches have shown that at the people afflicted with shortage of time, probability of a heart attack is twice above, than at people quiet and less dependent on time;

- strengthen increasing of such hormones, as adrenaline;

- break a normal food. The life "on the run" is usually accompanied by the same stereotype of a food and when you hurry up more often you eat sweets, chips, hamburgers, so the similar meal is overloaded with fats and cholesterol;

- lower efficiency of immune system. For some people feverish rate of a life can be in the way to suppress irritation or other negative emotions.

However the more persistently we exhaust inside unpleasant thoughts, the more strongly they influence immune system, doing us more susceptible to flu, a cold and other respiratory diseases.

At first sight, the best means from constant pressure of time can seem long weakening rest. Actually it is only a problem makeshift. Eventually chronic haste from which you have run away, will meet you again when you return to work. The best way can become those measures which are easily entered in your everyday life. You can introduce some corrective amendments in the daily work and house conditions which will allow you to depart from pressure of day faster.

1. The more different duties you charge yourselves, the more strongly you will feel oppression of time on yourself. Concentrate on any one business, and you will look at the watch less often. Always clean from a desktop all papers and the tools not necessary at present.

2. Do not incur new duties, if you already have a lot of things to do. One of the best means from shortage of time - polite, but firm refusal of some loadings.

3. Having felt that time starts to draw in, arrange to a small respite: interrupt the actions, make a pause in dialogue.

4. Daily give personally to yourself, at least, 15-20 minutes even if it was not possible to alter all affairs in the list. After all you clean every day a teeth in the morning and in the evening. Use this time as want: take a walk, read, and be engaged in meditation.

5. For the end of day plan the light, not urgent affairs. It will help you to dump pressure of the loaded day and to get rid of feeling of shortage of time before leaving home. In last half an hour read special magazine or put things in order on a workplace.

6. Having come back home, allocate some time for coming to the senses after work. Sit some minutes in the car, walk with a dog, play with children or take a warm shower, washing off pressure of day. Similar ritual helps «to switch speed».

Learn to live here and now!

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