Resort romance

Author: admin |Fri, 06/12/2009

35 It is very important to remember that your small resort has the beginning and the end. And the end does not mean a phrase «they lived long and happily». There is also plus in it - you may do things in the very first days of acquaintance which in other conditions you would do in a month-two. Relations will develop with a velocity of light. You will get to know each other before you ask yourself a question - what for do I do it? Sometimes you can tell a casual traveler even much more than to the close friends. But there are also minuses. Any holiday romance is doomed. And when you will sit at the airport in expectation of back home flight, you will fill some kind of sadness and emptiness. It is not necessary to think of it every day. But also it is not necessary to forget.

The hero of your holiday romance can be any. It is very important, that he would be pleasant to you. But it is even more important, that feelings were mutual. Because you are going to have a rest and a good time, instead of to suffer and be nervous. Therefore, if after first coming at the beach you fall in love with the Main Local Handsome man who will persistently ignore you, simply replace a beach. Or look round and find out, who is interested by you. Don't worry if he doesn't look like the usual men who surround you. It is even better. Holiday is the time when it is possible to erase all conditional borders. Having left the house try dishes of a local cuisine. You know what I mean!

The real ladies never talk politics, money, sex and about children successes. Getting a holiday romance, you hardly become a real lady. But nevertheless this rule is stable. An exception one - conversations on sex, certainly. You have terribly got tired, you have a problem with the husband, and you have troubles at work, or you worry about your child whom you left with the baby-sitter for the whole week? Call the nurse regularly in the mornings and while having a rest forget to think and speak about your problems. When you are sitting in a restaurant drinking wine or tequila with a man whom you met a few days ago try to consult with the curiosity. Certainly, it is very interesting to you, whether he is married, and if yes, to whom. But let him also forget something and you will have the unforgettable time having some pleasant and interesting moments.

For some reason it seems to all that a holiday romance it is indispensable passionate sex on a beach or in a hotel room on a king-size bed. Though actually it can be no sexual relations at all. Moreover, sometimes sex is capable to grease all pleasant memoirs on the romance. Because not all lovers are good ones. And not all girls are cynical. After all sometimes casual contacts, sights and hints under the moonlight are much more pleasant and more important than sex. Especially bad one.

It happens that people go to have a rest in the company. And still happens that the girl from the company starts to coquet with unfamiliar man. And here one can start to be jealous, others - to gossip, and the third, having returned after holiday to a native city, - to tell about what he have seen to everyone. Your holiday romance your own business. Therefore, even if you are not married and are not in relations, try to keep resort relations a secret. It will give a kind of mystery in your vacation and makes you safe from gossips and jealousness.

We have learnt at men to all to the most good. And even to the bad. For example, we can divide now sex and love too. We like flirtation, a coquetry without obligations. However it is not necessary to forget that the side between game in feelings and the present feeling is much more illusive, rather than it seems to us. And, having crossed it, it is possible to hurt either yourself or your hero of the resort romance. But in spite of all pleasant emotions the romance can leave some anguish in the heart. Maybe not because of love feelings but because of carefree time you have spent. We miss this time, but why not try to make your daily life as if you have only 2 weeks left? It really works, just try!

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