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Your vacation is coming nearer and you feel excited and at the same time a little confused. What to take with? You want to take all necessary things and at the same time you don't want your make-up staff to take a lot of room in your baggage. The fashionable shades, favorite lipstick, powder, brand new blush and lip gloss. ... It seems that in holiday all jars and tubes which only are available in the house will be useful. We suggest you to reconsider contents of "a beauty trunk" and to choose for holiday only the most necessary.

By the way, in general during your holiday there is a chance to have a little rest from cosmetics or to try a natural make-up in natural tones which on a suntanned skin will look simply refined. And for this purpose you should not put all cosmetic accessories which will get under a hand, and it will be necessary to choose only the most necessary.

So, what to stop the choice on? In the summer the preference is given to light tone creams on a water basis which thanks to a liquid consistence lay down a very thin layer, almost invisible. Therefore, going on rest, do not forget about them.

On rest it is hard to manage and without powder, especially if you have an oily skin. An ideal variant - friable transparent powder which looks well both on not suntanned, and on very suntanned skin. It does not change a complexion, and makes it smoother.

It is possible to replace rouge with gold-brown powder with a sunburn shade. If you spend all the day on a beach, the hygienic lipstick would be enough and for an evening make-up it is better to use a lip gloss. It gives to lips a well-groomed and exciting look as the natural transparency in a make-up of lips is always actual.

During holiday try to refuse shades or use only a palette of natural shades. In general, try to take the combined means: for example, a pencil for lips which simultaneously is an eye-liner and lipstick; or double shades (their shades are well combined), and a shade-pencil with an easy structure is even better.

Do not forget to take and waterproof mascara, because it is not afraid of a heat and waters. And it is the most convenient variant in summertime.

Preparing for a trip, it is necessary to get a protective hair preparation (it can be both a spray, and gel, and a mousse). After all hair also suffer from negative influence of the sun, therefore it is necessary to look after it correctly, especially if you stay at the beach. For this purpose, for example, protective balm or a protective spray for hair will approach very well.

It is desirable also that both nails on your hands and feet have always been covered by a nail-polish: colored or protective with calcium and vitamin additives. So that your nails would be protected. Therefore, going to holiday, try not to forget to take a nail polish with: sea water, sand and small stones "will very quickly finish" with your manicure.

And, certainly, do not forget to take a deodorant. But remember that it should bear the hot weather. Is better take a deodorant-stick - it occupies a little place, and will not spill.

Various cosmetic napkins - humidifying, clearing, will be useful to you either during the journey, or on rest. They will occupy a little place also.

In a city as well as on a beach, it is necessary to protect a skin from solar beams, therefore a tube (such packing is light and is not exposed to be damaged) of the day cream, containing Uf-filters will be impossible by the way on rest. Besides the cream of double action containing not only sun-protection, but also humidifying components is required to you as the skin after sunburn and influences of sea water becomes dehydrated and consequently demands moistening.

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