Jogging is a source of an eternal youth

Author: admin |Wed, 06/10/2009

22 Jogging - one of the most accessible means to support in the good form and to get rid of excess weight. But even in such, apparently, a simple way of physical activity there are rules and secrets. You can be engaged in jogging at any convenient time. If you are a nighthawk and to get up in the morning even an hour earlier it is difficult for you, so you can run in the evening, before a dream. For early risers it is much easier to arrange trainings at a dawn. Jogging helps an organism to wake up in the morning, charges energy and good mood. Evening jog relieves of the nervous tension which has collected for day and promotes a healthy deep sleep.  At run each step is accompanied by a natural shake-up. At the same time the shake-up is good natural stimulation for the whole organism. Therefore, if run is inaccessible to you, jumps on a place in some way can replace it. During jog rhythmical and consecutive reduction of muscles of a shin and a hip helps to push out blood from veins of the bottom finitenesses upwards to heart. Run strengthens a metabolism, promotes recycling ("burning") of old, idle structures of an organism and rejuvenates an organism.

Where is it better to do jogging? Training in a hall on a racetrack and in the open air brings identical advantage, but in each case there are nuances.

In a hall: Advantages of such training are that you, first, run on absolutely plane surface and that means, the probability to stumble and fall is shown to a minimum. Secondly, you can establish a distance, speed of movement of a path and inclination level and also constantly to supervise pulse, without stopping for this purpose.

In the open air: For run in the open air choose stadiums, parks and squares far from lines and roads with brisk movement. Pluses of such trainings that you will run then whenever you want it, can choose covering type (a soft covering, for example, the lawn or sand, that reduces loading on joints and a backbone), trainings will be more various, and the main thing - absolutely free and what is more important -  in the open air.

For jogging it is necessary to choose suitable footwear. The main quality of snickers for jogging is good amortization. Shock-absorbers usually are under a heel and under a sock. Also running snickers should be convenient, easy and should properly fix foot. For this purpose they should be necessarily on a lacing. The heel also should be well fixed.

Before jogging you should do a warming up exercises to prepare muscles, joints, sheaves to loading and to adjust you for work.

To have a useful influence on an organism (especially regarding disposal of excess weight), training should last not less than 25-30 minutes. Do not hurry up to increase loadings, be attentive to the sensations. Excessive loading, especially at the first stages when the organism did not adapt yet for this kind of physical stimulation, can cause reaction stress and aggravate disease. It is possible to begin from 20-30 minutes and gradually, for example, adding for 5 minutes in a week, to increase duration of jog, leading up it to an hour-one and a half - depending on your desire and state of health. But this is preferably for people who has very little physical loading during the daytime. But if you are rather an active person or if you work demands a lot of energy, in this case it is necessary to run every other day or 3 times a week. I consider that it is quite enough for maintenance of health of such running loading, especially for the people who are engaged and other kinds of physical exercises.

Try not to think about anything except concentrating on attention to the sensations - breath, a relaxation, pleasure. Sometimes you prefer to take your friend or your spouse to jog together. But it is not a good idea. Better to jog alone, without being arranged under another's physical possibilities.

 The main stimulus for doing jogging is feeling of pleasure and pleasure which jogging brings. If you do everything correctly, before each following running you won't force to put on snickers and to leave the house. Millions people speak about a sense of euphoria which arises at them after each training. But pleasure is not the only positive effect from jogging. Regular jogging helps to struggle against stress, a nervous tension, sleeplessness and even a depression. Besides, jogging is an ideal method of absorption great quantities of oxygen by an organism.

So, jogging is a source of an eternal youth as regular jogging can promote "rejuvenation" of processes of blood circulation and a metabolism for 20 years and more. Thus, proceeding from all these reasons, jogging is excellent means of preventive maintenance of health.

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