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Group kinds of sports bewitch admirers the accurate coordination of actions, self-denying work of each sportsman on the general result. During the moments of the highest unity of a command it seems that we see the one organism. It makes every spectator as well as sportsmen themselves feel a kind of admiration. The more skilled the command is the higher is feeling of unity and a coordination of actions of its participants.

The slightest desire of one of sportsmen "to pull a blanket" or somehow to stand out against the background of others causes a discord in actions at once. And then united structure breaks up to set of small parts which rush about on a football ground in search of a ball or do different elements of synchronous swimming in pool.

In various reality situations we as players in the field or synchronous swimmers in a pool turn to one command trying to achieve the common targets. During such moments it seems that we get wings as the peak of the uniqueness we reach only when simultaneously with disclosing of the potential grow we harmoniously enter the larger system and become its part.

In student teaching, for example, for a long time it is noticed that students and pupils more often create the most interesting scientific projects, prove talented researchers working in groups on 2-4 persons, instead of alone. In a command our forces double, treble, we discover our abilities more full.

Today, during an epoch of globalization, ability to work harmoniously in one "team" is more than ever important. For the narrow experts it is necessary to co-operate closely with professionals from other areas because only as a result of joint collective work the correct and sometimes the only decision can be found by time.

Scientists consider that the feeling of a collectivism, aspiration to association with similar is inherent in people. It is so natural. However, desire to prove the brightness of a unique person; to open the talents as much as possible is even more characteristic for us, because everyone in this world has the role, which can be played only but this person. For example, to become a good actor, a remarkable mother, to bring the contribution to development of a science, etc.

And who being young would not like to become Rambo or Che Guevara, not ordinary person, strong, capable alone to resist to all burdens of the world? How significant we seem to ourselves during such moments! Idols, the leaders are capable to influence on a big quantity of people!

Thus, aspiration to be allocated from crowd, the sensation of own uniqueness, dissimilarity and creativity on the one side, and recognition of being a part of the whole on another side - are two components of our nature.

Being members of a national team named "mankind", we grow together with it, and everyone is irreplaceable as the player on the field, as a small screw in clockwork without which the clock cannot work. Thanks to events occurring in the world, we start to understand that we all are connected.

Global crisis has demonstrated: the aspiration to unity is much better than intention to remain in loneliness and to apply for any special role in the world. We had a crying need in association of efforts for the sake of the general survival, in mutual aid, collectivist tendencies have gone deep in the minds of people, leaders of the states, top politicians, and public figures. All have suddenly realized that to survive in crisis we can only together, having united and in view of interests of others. Otherwise we'll never manage.

And if only we imagine that we are the command where each player uses the skill, gives all the best for the sake of all society, with intention for everybody, and not just to succeed, grow rich, become famous. How the world could be changed with our joint efforts and diligence! As a matter of fact, it is also a unique possibility for our self-developing.

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