Your love is in your hands

Author: admin |Wed, 06/10/2009

16 Sometimes it happens that you feel lonely. Of course you go at disco clubs with your friends and you have some guys who like you. But you need something more than just spending the evening together having fun at the dance-floor or flirting at the bar counter.

Long relations are necessary for you. All depends only on you. But at first, stop and think about your behavior and why men consider you as not serious woman. Maybe you do something wrong? If you sort it out, you will get the invaluable knowledge about how to behave to make a man stay with you forever.

Never start talking to the man the first, let the first step will be made by him, instead of you. It is one of ways to distinguish the man who really wishes to get acquainted with you from the man who has appeared this evening to stay alone occasionally.

At the first appointment you, of course, should tell about yourself, but don't lay your hair down revealing your problems at work, financial troubles and so on. Better listen attentively, as he will speak.

If to you are tired to stay alone, begin with yourself. Think over the appearance, take care about health, and go in for sports- you will feel your body better. But the main thing, tell to yourself that you are unique, and there is no such beautiful and wonderful girl as you are. You should be sure about it or at first believe in this statement. Besides it is the naked truth, isn't it?

Don't call the man first, wait, till he calls you. And if he has told something on an answering machine, do not hurry up to answer- if he needs you really, he will try to phone once again. If not, then try to forget this man. He is not your destiny.

If already at the first stage of acquaintance any of his disadvantages bothers you very much, stop any relations with this man. Do not persuade yourself that you will get used to this, because you will not. And what is more important, the little disadvantage which bothered you on the start stage of relations becomes the very big disadvantage when time passes. So think about this today and tomorrow you will be happy.

Remember: if he has called you in seven to invite at cinema at eight, he probably considers you to be always ready to be nearby to entertain him. But this is not the best way to be respected by him. Respect yourself: softly, but firmly tell that you do not have time, and through pair minutes finish conversation.  No matter how difficult for you it could be, even if you stay the whole evening at home alone.

You should finish the date, not he. The first date should last three, maximum four hours, and he should remain slightly "hungry" from dialogue with you.

Love only those men who love you. All the others are a time waste.

Only if you construct mutual relations favorably to you from the very beginning, you can have more influence according your further relations.

Time goes, your dating has already become habitual: all cinemas have bypassed, you have visited all cafes. So it is necessary to you to turn on the imagination. Think out interesting routes of walks. Let it will be your favorite places in a city, exhibitions, museums. In general, invent anything!

The main thing is not to allow the guy feel bored! Your meetings should provoke his curiosity that it was always interesting to him that to get used to spend time with you. Then, he will be waiting another meeting with you, and if you do not have a date during some time, he would definitely feel a kind of emptiness without you. And don't be afraid, it is not cheating or trickery. It is just wise actions which have only one main aim - to have good strong relations.  Only those methods will help you to see and to recognize the real love.

Everything is in your hands! Just be reasonable, wise and considered.

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