First impression is the last impression

Author: belan |Fri, 05/08/2009

Do you remember your 5-th or 10-th date? Most likely, no, and here the first preparing on such important and responsible event is remembered by all. After all on the first date you should make the first impression and to understand, whether all further meetings with this person are necessary to you or not. On the first date it is necessary to put on decently. The good clothes impress favorably whom you see for the first time. But it is not necessary to put on in an official style in view of that, to put on in what to you feel convenient would be better. I think, the clothes mark, on you is interesting to nobody if it looks tidy and elegantly. Guys need to shave and polish footwear before going on the first date. Also they should use a little cologne that the girl could catch a pleasant smell. For the girl the choice of the partner in life and durability of family marriage in many respects depends on the first appointments. It is not easy to decide: is it really your destiny or it only seems to be. Whether it is going to end after one night or your dreams will come true.

It is said that the first impression is the last impression, and therefore it is necessary to try to make good first impression during the first appointment. It is closer to learn the purpose of the first date each other and to decide, how serious the relations with this person could be. It can happen later that the person you liked on the first date could appear to be not as good as you expected. Perhaps, even it will be difficult to you to spend at least hour near to him. It is possible to ask your friend who already met someone for advice how to behave on the first date. But any advice is not cut on a stone. Everyone should adapt to this advice depending on the character and a situation. There are some myths concerning the first dates. One of them consists that people think that attractive people with ease go on appointments. Actually, on the contrary, many attractive people appear not especially successful on the first appointment as not especially care of success of appointment. Other myth consists that it is difficult to ugly people to find pair for appointment. It is also not true. It is no use to look as Tom Cruise or Beyonce Knowls to go on a date. Here character of the person and not just pleasant appearance has value. Many not especially attractive guys manage to catch on the first appointment of exclusively beautiful girls.

Women need to try especially to come on meeting place in time. Though men and women actually are equal as regards delay, all the same it is considered, what exactly women are late is more often, as spend more time before a mirror. The girl needs to come ahead of time or precisely to time, so far as concerns a temporary restriction, for example, the session beginning at cinema or the little table order at restaurant. The woman does not need to be on the first appointment in very bright make-up not to frighten the man.

The Internet has changed ways of dialogue of people among themselves. Many prefer acquaintances on the Internet to traditional acquaintances. Such acquaintances have both the advantages, and lacks. It quickly, easily, cheaply and pleasantly. It saves a lot of time. During the first conversation you can solve for yourselves, whether you wish to meet this person or not. Moreover, the Internet allows overcoming fear of failure on the first appointment; it is possible as to refuse already at a stage of dialogue online. It is not necessary to meet the person personally that sometime in future to be refused.

At development of relations online it is necessary to be cautious. Many people use the Internet with the mercenary purposes. There are some things which it is necessary to remember, communicating with someone through the Internet. It is necessary to respect the right of other person to private life. It is impossible to transfer to strangers or friends the personal information of other person - a phone number, an e-mail address or digital photos. Time is necessary to understand other person, it is not necessary to force it to something not to seem too persuasive. It can spoil relations from the very beginning.

Very often first impression is deceptive, and it is necessary to give to the person one more chance. In a situation when you worry and you wish to make all as better, it is obligatory in something you will be mistaken. Trust the intuition and do not do hasty conclusions.

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