A romantic supper

Author: admin |Mon, 06/15/2009

42 For us, for girls, it is easy to talk about romantic suppers, surprises and dates. We are romantic, are able to prepare, and our imagination is well developed. It is easy and simple for us to arrange a romantic supper; it is clear as a day. And what about our men? Do you think all is as simple and easy for them? Not at all! They have absolutely different mentality, it is difficult to them simultaneously to prepare three dishes, to order flowers on the Internet and to make toilet. Therefore, dear girls, if your man decided to prepare a romantic supper with candles, please, will appreciate this deed!

For an anniversary of wedding my beloved has decided to make a surprise for me. He has bought chicken, champagne, fruit and chocolate. Having re-read up and down a recipe-book, he has decided to refuse preparation of a chicken. If you are not sure of the ability to prepare this or that dish, do not prepare it at all. Try to prepare it somehow another time. Do not risk your romantic supper, do what you are able to do. My beloved is able to put sweets in a vase. And he has ordered a chicken with pineapples at restaurant. One more plus of restaurant meal that you will not spend forces and time for its preparation. Forces still will be useful to you after a supper!

Any fool can order meal at restaurant - you will tell and will be not right. Is that so often happens that someone arranges a romantic supper? Be more indulgent and grateful. Believe, it is a feat for the man. Such acts specify that he really loves you. After all the supper is not only meal. It is necessary to take care also of a beautiful fresh cloth on a table, to buy candles; it is beautiful to spread out tableware and napkins, to buy flowers, to choose suitable drinks.

By the way, the romantic supper should not be too nourishing. After all, it is more likely, a date, than a feast. It is possible to be limited to light meals – perfectly will approach meat salads or sandwiches, and as fruit and any easy dessert. Choosing a dessert, prefer fruit-berry or chocolate puddings and mousses, easy biscuits with a gentle stuffing or sweets from bitter chocolate. Pies and cakes with a heavy oil cream are of course tasty, but, unfortunately, they are not the best choice.

In the course of meal cooking and table layout the men’s imagination is quite often able to do much so be not surprised if in addition to a supper a foamy bath will be waiting for you and in addition a bed covered with petals of roses, or many small candles on a bedroom floor. After all it is not too difficult to arrange all this. Packing from six candles costs not too much and almost everyone has foam for a bath.

By the way, you should not peel natural flowers to cover a bed with petals of roses. Come into any flower shop and ask not roses, but petals. Often petals separately are on sale in the big packages and cost absolutely cheaply.

Sometimes when you talk you can listen attentively to your beloved and you will notice a lot of things which he\she loves and prefers. You can’t even imagine how pleasant it is when your boyfriend bought a bouquet of daffodils instead of banal roses, because once you said that daffodil is your favorite flower. Or he bought a bottle of martini instead of wine, because you also noted once that you don’t like red wine. It is really very pleasant. So be attentive to people whom you love, and take care of them, and respect their likes and dislikes. Of course she won’t tell you that she doesn’t like wine because you wanted to make a pleasant time for her, but nevertheless if you decided to do it, so do it properly!

Well, and the main thing, perhaps is to remember that no article will prompt you the scenario of an ideal romantic supper, after all nobody, except you, knows your beloved as well as you does. I would like to wish both to men, and women: arrange romantic suppers for beloved more often and appreciate that they arrange for you! Love each other, please more often and surprise!


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