The buttocks mystery

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85 % of men each time when they meet a woman try to glance at her buttocks or to follow with their eyes. Better to say, the stronger sex goes crazy with female rear parts. We, on the contrary, show to them plenty of claims. Too well-fad, too flat, too soft, too flabby... Women are too strict to buttocks, considering that they are simply obliged to be faultless, tightened, strong, small and neat, without having the right neither to project, nor to hang, to wave at the slightest movement. And here stronger sex requirements to this part of a body are much softer. « The main thing in female buttocks - their presence »- this axiom should reconcile us with back area.

The best way to show the world the perfect buttocks is doing gymnastics. Correct exercises will return a tone, will improve the form, will relieve from hanging and folds. It is possible to begin in the morning, rolling in bed. Several times strongly strain buttocks, both serially, and together. Five minutes of plain twitching - and you feel that there are muscles. And these muscles have got tired. Now roll from side to side, having knees bent. Then, lying on a back, make some leg swings.

And the majority of exercises for feet (swings, knee-bends etc.) give loading to those places, whence they grow. Even simply wandering on sand or in water, you bring to the buttocks notable advantage, unconsciously straining their muscles and burning fats. The overtraining strengthens buttocks, but changes their form. And not to the best! Buttocks though become stronger, but considerably change the form, becoming as a real man square and brawny.

Dances form buttocks the most beautifully, thanks to natural, uniform loading and constant movement. I was convinced of it after several months of doing belly dances. Despite the fact that what the majority of movements here is doing at the expense of superficial and deep abdominal muscles, and also hands and a back, loading is received by all parts of a body. Including that below a back (during dance they actively work, imperceptibly helping to do many movements). Therefore dancers possess magnificent (in spite they eat with all the heart), but thus beautiful forms. And their "the heart form" buttocks dement not only southern men.

Problems of a skin of buttocks are discussed infrequently. Though they disturb many. For example, because of constant contact to synthetic linen and clothes there are heat-spots and dimples. To eliminate them it is easy. Means for a problem face skin will help to remove them. Do a peeling more often. It will remove not only the died skin, but also some dirty parts. By the way, a peeling is the excellent assistant in struggle against a cellulites - one more enemy of buttock area. Considering the female discontent, many cosmetic brands have let out special means and have thought up the professional programs, capable to smooth and tighten a buttock.

Still recently plastic surgery suggested buttocks only to decrease in volume with the help of liposuction. Now all has changed. Clients of clinics are concerned now not only with size of buttocks, but mostly with their form, elasticity, absence of folds and other things, which recently the world did not give great value.

In the XX century the role of the main sex symbol has got to a female breast.

The new millennium has changed accents: buttocks have returned from oblivion. Considerable role have played magnificent forms of Monica Bellucci and Jennifer Lopez.

According to men, the main thing in female buttocks - their presence! This axiom is capable to reconcile us with weight of the imposed stereotypes. The main thing is the harmony in body and mind. And it doesn't matter whether you have a big buttocks or little. It is more important how you feel. Even with the perfect shape you may not feel happy.

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