Every change should be desirable!

Author: admin |Wed, 06/10/2009

17 When we love, we want to make everything to be the dearest person for whom we love. And then we have a dilemma, to be what we are or try to bring up ourselves to his conception about the ideal woman.

Many women put a difficult task for themselves to try to be what they are, not to pretend and not to make men think that they like extreme sports because their men like it, but in real life they get shocked only if they look down from the mountain.

First, few men have any idea about the ideal woman. Secondly, their representation about dream can vary each time depending on circumstances. It often occurs to creative people.

In a word, it is necessary for you to find out whether he knows what he wants. Quite often a man pays attention to her because she is bright, courageous, easy-going, and after a close acquaintance and especially after wedding he wishes her to become silent, modest and imperceptible. He specifies to her what to dress, how to behave on a visit etc. She, of course, will try to follow his instructions, but will feel dickey.

As a rule, marrying, young couples do not think about what husband and the wife each of them is going to be. Dating in restaurants, theatres and on discos hardly will prompt, for what it is possible to wait from the beloved in a family life and what he waits from you. And after all these questions can be discussed together. Eventually, it will be interesting to you to hear answers to such questions as: and what you love? What you think about it?

Actually if to look at it from other point of view for many girls dreaming of career of the singer, the actress, the model is simply necessary to have the one who will model their image and appearance as the sculptor a statue.

In the history there are many examples when the woman achieved successes in career and in creativity thanks to the sensitive and clever man capable tactfully and unostentatiously to grind all her most advantageous side.

In similar cooperation for the woman the plenty of possibilities opens indeed. But such occurs only in case when the man helps the woman not with the mercenary purposes - to bring her up for a private use, but for the sake of woman.

It happens that claims which are stated constantly to you by the spouse or the beloved, - only a call for help or the latent request for a praise and encouragement. Anyhow, but fulfilling the requirements of the partner is not always the problem decision. It is necessary to observe attentively for whom you love and to think: what disturbs him, why a small habit causes a storm of emotions?

Naturally, in far from cinema and novels situations, we should fight with each other for freedom of the person. Try to acknowledge in your partner a personality that needs a freedom of choice and the freedom of thoughts and maybe will do the same!

In any situation try to find original and unique decisions. Sometimes it is necessary to use cunning, that the peace in a family was established. To pretend that you also wish to be such what he wishes to see you. But not too much! Feel the border of pretending. Everything should be moderately. Yes, according to the advice of your husband that it is necessary for you to change style, you can pick up other colors, (about similar changes you also can consult your best friend also) but completely to refuse all your habits it is not necessary for certain. After all there are no people without them. Besides, it is possible to judge the harm of this or that habit, more often, only subjectively. The best way to go on a way of changes is to do it together. For example, you get rid from the habit to watch soap operas every morning, and your husband gets rid from the habit to go on all football matches. It is fair, isn't it? Be sure that next time when he decides to claim you, he will think twice before doing it!

We should help each other to improve ourselves if we want a strong and loving family. It is always possible to change yourself, you need only a desire. So, I wish you only desirable changes!

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