Pregnancy. A God’s gift

Author: belan |Fri, 05/08/2009

Lately the visit of the special courses became the enough widespread phenomenon pregnant on preparation to births and maternity. Someone considers it extremely important and useful, someone - by fashionable employment, there is opinion, that it is absolutely unavailing waste of time and money.

Yet no courses were required years one hundred back - pregnancy and births were ordinary and, as a rule, by the frequent states for any woman. But at all «to ordinariness», there was a whole vault governed and will accept, which every expectant mother was to observe absolutely. After the observance of these rules numerous relatives watched intently, and this was providing not only physiological but also psychotherapy effect: if did, that is fixed, and did not do forbidden, then it will be all be well. Many of these rules and signs got to our days, often in a few the perverted kinds and losing a primary value. And, as they are built, mainly, on intimidation, then modern judicious youth don't want to follow them very much, and want to understand, that indeed makes sense, and that can be boldly ignored. The role of psychologists and physicians was carried out then by priests, witch-doctors, fortune-tellers - exactly to them applied for help in difficult moments. But time «dark ancestors» passed, and we have now a medical era, with lots of rules, drugs and hospitals. Thus, an expectant mother appeared torn off from family, and unique «by connoisseurs» its states became physicians which are many years taught in medical colleges, that pregnancy and births if not illness, then the state is near to illness and requires active interference. Opinion of woman, freedom of her choice, was thus ignored: for whom observed during pregnancy, where to bear, with whom, in what pose and what will be done then with her and her child. All was decided beforehand and fastened in numerous instructions. And doctors adhered to opinion, that, the less a woman knows about births, better it is. Such approach brought next results - women lost the skills of listening to herself and understanding the state, pregnancies are accompanied by different pathologies, every generation bear from bad to worse, many do not suckle and does not feel maternal instinct. And it is not the fault of ecology. On the other hand, it is our ecology too. Everyone, already becoming a parent or only expecting this happy event, wants one above everything- that his child appeared healthy. However far not always this desire comes true. What to do if even the smallest kids are subjected to the serious ailments, and there is no wish to talk about possibility of some innate violations and diseases. But it is needed! In fact many of them are possible to be warned, to be taken from a fragile little creature long before his bearing! And future parents must be troubled about it beforehand - as soon as they decide "to bring child into world". Preparation to pregnancy must begin yet to conception. Unfortunately, many couples, especially young, ignore family planning, consider that all will turn out - they say, nature will help. Alas, does not help. Human nature is unable to manage with many unfavorable consequences of those loadings and shocks which are revealed in our time in an organism. Especially it concerns the habitants of cities: and from point of ecology megapolisy - the not best place for a residence, and the city way of life results to a permanent, chronic stresses, the overloads nervous and heart system, problems with feed. But all of this affects not only our health but also the development of our children yet to their birth. And very often we do not watch after our own health, take no notice on many symptoms, while they will not become quite obvious - and, as a result, in the hidden or chronic form we «carry» in ourselves many illnesses which can  influence on the health of future child far not the best way. Maternity is large happiness and large responsibility. There is not a man in the world, who would not need maternal love, warmth and understanding. Sense of love to the child laid yet to pregnancy. But development gets exactly in that moment when a future mother realizes that new life grows into it.

Therefore, making a decision to become a mother, a woman becomes on a hard way, undertakes a mission to give life to the new man. It is a difficult labor. A child needs not only care and comfort, he needs love and devotion and mother becomes personification of these features. Maternity is enormous happiness. More frequent than all, a normal healthy woman dreams about a day, when she bears a baby. It is natural. It is a God gift, for the sake of which a woman is ready to survive any difficulties. And in spite of anything, we go to our purpose.

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