Look in the eyes of your child

Author: belan |Fri, 05/08/2009

Education of children is thing which any of us faced at least once - in a role of a child. And far not everybody remembers this part of the life with pleasure. Preparing to become parents, we think that all will be othergates for us, that we always will understand the children and they will understand us - by a word, that we will be good friends to them. Real life usually turns out not so smoothly, and quite often we begin to understand our own parents better. Finally, the total majority drops hands, and passes to the camp of adults, sticking in the conflicts of fathers and children with participation an already new generation. You never surprised - here the mankind for the history has achieved huge technical progress. Today we with confidence create and widely use the most complicated technical devices - such as planes or computers, - that immensely surpasses possibilities of people at least hundred years ago. But why it is not reached the same universal and notable progress in education of children - based on accurate laws and principles? Why successful education remains a destiny of talented singles? And if people on the whole generation behind generation attack the same rake in such general and usual task as education of children, maybe it  means that there are some absolutely false prejudices in a society about "who are children and what to do with them". If atmosphere in a family benevolent and sensitive the child who has been brought up on positive examples of the parents in the conditions of mutual love, care and the help, will grow same sensitive and sympathetic.

It would be desirable to ask: whether so it is possible to spoil the child with love" To love, but not to indulge "- sounds, in my opinion, as strange as" eat, but not to remain hungry "or as" to sleep, but to relax ". It seems to me that indulge the children, indulge them - just those parents who do not love them really. The Same it is possible to tell and about severity instead of which I would advise parents to be consecutive and solidary in the requirements to the kid. Requirements, in my opinion, should be as less as possible. After all each child is born free both any interdictions and restrictions which, anyhow, oppress it. Certainly, mums and daddies always should forbid something to the children, and to demand from them obedience. But parents should remember, it is necessary to obey not because it is necessary to obey, but because parents are responsible for a life and health of the kid. One more line on which, certainly, there should be any correct education is an aspiration to inform to the child the most important rule of a human hostel: "Behave with others how you want others to behave with you". In all the rest, I think, the child should have the maximum freedom. And if to look at education from these positions it will appear that there are not too many forbiddances, and that the majority of interdictions is possible at desire to spend tactfully. Parents who love the children really, concern them more attentively and seriously. Making of any decision, they proceed only from reasons of their blessing. As a rule, they do not try to invent a line of own behavior artificially, and operate on a situation. Leaning against own intuition, they feel that is necessary for their child at present. So, all attention of mother without the rest is necessary for the baby, and to more senior child it is necessary also all world in addition. Better would be to allow doing everything that he wants, it is necessary to arrange only his life so that he doesn't cause any harm neither to himself, nor to anyone.  Such kid promptly develops, grows active, inquisitive and self-assured. And, besides - it grows the person who is able to love other people.

 So, mutual relations of parents and children, specificity of their dialogue among themselves during which time these mutual relations are shown, influence formation of the person of children. The parents satisfying only requirements of children, and not having with them sincere contact, as a rule, have problems in education and dialogue with children. To be the child - it is difficult. It is huge continuous and most complicated work - to grow: to open the world, to learn people, to learn to love. Most our troubles are because we do not understand; we do not respect and do not realize this complexity. And often we leave them face to face with huge world which they had not time to understand yet. Let's start from love and understanding. It is not true that it cannot be learned. It is possible! All you need is a very strong desire. You should think tensely and a lot, learn to understand the feelings. It is necessary to listen to the heart. And the most important thing - you should look in the eyes of your child. And there from to derive love, pleasure and a self-confidence.

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