How to behave an independent person

Author: admin2 |Tue, 06/16/2009

Your kid perfectly develops, accumulates precious life experience and starts to find independence. Approximately about one year the child starts to go independently, say intelligent words. This is wonderful achievement for a kid as he appears almost on a level with adults. Now the child aspires to primitive physical independence. He starts to use a spoon and a mug actively. The child himself chooses a direction to the interesting subject. Besides, he already has an opinion. For example, he does not wish to put on boots which are not comfortable for his walk, and mum should work hard to persuade him in opposite. The child constantly tries to participate in affairs of adults - helps to load a washing machine, attentively observes of repair the just broken with his own hand toy. And here the kid has celebrated the second birthday, still recently obedient, has in a moment turned in obstinate and all a dissatisfied being. One of the reasons of similar changes - formation of a personal autonomy. The kid should open himself as a separate and independent being.

Through any time there is simply remarkable opening: the child understands that can choose toys, a plot of the drawing, to think out game, to communicate with adults, irrespective of desire and requirements. Now he moulds, builds, helps the younger. Sometimes contemporaries in games submit to him, even mum and the daddy listen to it I "want" or I "do not want". A bit later it is high time for a kid to start developing the initiative and independence. First of all, it is not necessary to do for the child that he can and should do himself. Simply give the chance to him to choose those house affairs for which he will be responsible for (to feed a cat to sweep a floor). To the small person, as well as the adult, the vote in the decision of the important questions is necessary, it is important to him to be assured that he actively participates in a family life.

To push the child to independence, you can put him intentionally in a choice situation when he should make the decision. It is necessary to discuss various variants of behavior with children, to teach them to analyze circumstances to which they get.

It is known: to have satisfaction and to strengthen confidence of own forces, any undertaking should be finished. And the best help in any case - the deserved praise of parents. It is better to concern failures with humor: nobody is insured from errors, the main thing - to learn a lesson from them.

It is important to bring up ability to transfer difficulty. Try to deserve trust of the child that he knew that it is possible to rely on you. Feeling support, he will show independence in thoughts, affairs and acts.

Speaking about education methods, we often lose sight of the most important thing - the purpose which we are going to reach thanks to a certain method. Why shout is not a method? Because if we pursue the aim to encourage good behavior and to stop undesirable actions we should know: having heard shout, the kid will understand the following: «Who shouts more loudly, wins the game» and «If I do it once again, mum will scream». Soon the child himself starts to shout at you, or again will finish you to shout by already checked up way (to draw the attention to him).

Education does not happen off and on. If somewhere, owing to the employment, you have missed possibility to explain something, have ignored what you should not ignore - fasten, you will learn by all means, what conclusions of a situation were made by the child without your help. And all faults will be on you. If the child has acted this way, it means that there was something in your behavior that has approved his act in advance.

Undoubtedly, your education is the start point which will form the basis for the further formation of the person. And it depends on your education, whether a kid grow up the self-assured, clever and kind person.

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