Sun glasses is not a simple accessory

Author: admin |Wed, 06/10/2009

13Could it be true that the sun glasses are only the stylish accessory of a stylish lady? From the fashion point of view, the given statement is true but if to consider this point from the medicine point of view - definitely, no.

Sun glasses are protection for human eyes from adverse solar rays.  To protect your eyes you should choose the sunglasses very carefully, after all poor-quality products can seriously do much more harm to sight, even more than absolute absence of eyes protection. The Most important thing is to get sun glasses with a high protective indicator which will protect your eyes from negative ultra-violet beams. Today there is big quantity of such sun glasses, but, as it is known, every season there are always some changes in fashion and as a rule the new fashion tendencies bring something new and put away something old.

With summer coming a question about choosing the sun glasses becomes more and more vital. This small accessory can become not only mean for you protection against ultra-violet beams, but also give your style eccentricity and refinement. The material should be the first and the most important criterion at a choice of sun glasses as health is more important than style or image. They should not only help to protect eyes from a bright sunlight, but also not to pass an ultraviolet (only the sunglasses with glass lenses). Traditionally glass lenses are considered better: they not only provide good protection against an ultraviolet, but also the world around will be less deformed, than in plastic. Besides, glass is steadier against scratches. But the lack of glass sunglasses is, certainly, their fragility, and they are heavier than plastic. Such glasses are not recommended to wear to sportsmen and children in particular. There is a probability that glass will break and can damage eyes.

Qualitative plastic can be good alternative of your glasses. The choice of color of sun glasses, as a rule, depends on your personal preferences. But besides, it is useful to know, how these or those shades influence on the perception of world around. To put yourself in a good mood it is not enough just to wear the pink sun glasses, on the contrary, the pink color influences mentality badly. Dark grey and dark green shades are considered as the most optimum: in first variant a transfer of colors most corresponds to a reality, in glasses of the second shade an eye get tired less, and also there is a maximum filtration of harmful beams. Red lenses which lead to distortion of colors and as consequence deterioration of orientation to districts are not recommended at all. Yellow and orange glasses are good in conditions, when the sun is not so bright.

And still pair of important points which should be considered at a choice of sun glasses. Sun glasses with mirror effects are intended to eliminate any patches of light, for example, by the sea or snow mountains. The lenses which have been blacked out in basic in the top part with smooth transition from top to bottom will be good, when it is necessary to be protected only from bright top solar beams. But such variant can lead to fast fatigue of eyes, therefore it is desirable that sunglasses have even blackout. The main rule is very simple - if you have chosen a fashionable rim and you feel confidently and comfortably it is the best variant for you.

If you have not chosen yet then you should use the following recommendations.

For each face type different glasses suits better, but the general rule one most of all approach: the top border of sun glasses should repeat a line of eyebrows. As to the form by means of sun glasses it is possible to correct outlines of the person on your taste.

For blondes rims of black, gold and silver colors match more than other colors, for brunettes and brown-haired women brown and red shades suit more, and also gold color of a frame. Light-haired ladies will look better in copper or gold color rimes.

Whichever sun glasses you choose, they should be perfectly combined with your clothes as an additional accessory. The choice can fall on any bright frame but if you do not need excessive attention the classics will be quite better for you.

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