Secrets of silver

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I like silver very much. It would Seem, gold is more expensive, it possesses a heap of useful properties, but I cannot wear it for a long time. And it is not a simple fetish. When you put on a silver jewelry, you feel more protected, quieter and strong. Why we subconsciously choose silver? How it helps us in a life? And what dangers does the mysterious metal conceal?

Silver is a precious metal with remarkable properties. It was known to the person and was used already the millennium ago.

Light shine of silver resembles Moon light. Therefore it is lunar metal, the most delicate conductor. Silver can store the information on the emotional world of the owner. Silver can remove and redistribute negative energy and consequently can be used for cleaning the energetic fields of the person.

By the way, gold and silver, Sun and Moon metals, strongly get used to the owner. Therefore it is better not to give jewellery to other people - it will court a trouble.

Silver, basically, operates on soul of the person, on its subconsciousness, forcing to plunge into private world. Silver also influences the emotional nature, clears up impressionability, sensitivity. However, at thin, sensitive people silver frequently can clear up imaginations, make them pensive.

If the person does not accept silver it can cause serious frustration of health.

Some healers assert that silver possesses cooling action on an organism; therefore it is better for older people not to wear it.

Silver is connected with lunar magic, a feminine. It is considered that silver can preserve against negative influences and evil ghosts. Ancient Egyptians believed that god Ra had silver bones.

Alchemists considered silver as "a white philosophers' stone". Besides, silver is spiritualistic metal. As an astral conductor, it helps to come into contact to souls of the dead.

From the astrologist and the alchemist point of view, silver is a symbol of sincere cleanliness. It is the virgin metal connected with something secret, deep, hidden inside.

At different people silver blackens with different speed. It depends on astral human nature, from nature of his soul.

Silver also darkens at long contact to fiber and a skin of the unhealthy person.

For people who use silver things, it is not pleasant that silver darkens, they try to clean it, but they do not understand that it is necessary to clean not jewellery but soul.

There is a big quantity of silver jewellery. Chains, amulets, rings, bracelets... In general, choose what you like. And rather unusual jewellery from silver is the ringlet on a foot. For the first time such silver ring has appeared at Arabs, they were used by concubines from a harem of the sultan and they wore not only as an ornament, they were an accessory distinctive feature to a harem.

Traditionally given rings are made of silver though also it is possible to meet rings for feet and from other precious metals, but silver approaches for these purposes as well as possible. Silver is a soft metal, it is rather easily bent and will quickly get the necessary form that will promote the best comfort. Such ring will approach all. Decorate the leg with a graceful ringlet with a geometrical pattern, and you become in summer irresistible both on a beach, and in a city. There should not be many rings; they should be in harmony with each other, other ornaments and clothes. The main thing - that rings on toes did not prevent to move and did not damage fingers.

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