Jewellery. Better less then more!

Author: admin |Wed, 06/10/2009

shutterstock_8898913 People differ from animals not only appearance, intelligence, but also aspiration to the beauty. Ornaments have appeared at early stages of development of mankind. At first they were immovable in the form of tattoos and body coloring. Then people have understood that it is possible to attach different subjects to a body and at their need to remove, and then there were first mobile ornaments. Some of them were put on solemn occasions. Many of the mobile ornaments made of teeth of predatory animals, a snakeskin, bunch of medicinal grasses, shells of eggs of an ostrich, became amulets. Which, on belief of primitive people, protected them from illness, gave bravery, forces. At first the person by means of jewellery tried to be allocated from crowd, to draw to itself attention. After there were primitive-religious beliefs, the body ornament has got magic value. When public relations have become complicated, ornaments became the distinction. On them it was possible to learn, what place the person occupied in a society. For example, with a tooth of a cachalot the leader of a tribe could carry a headdress made of multi-colored feathers of a parrot or a necklace only. Stones and metals especially strongly absorb power of the person and the information of surrounding space. Therefore the ornaments executed from a stone or metal, can be applied as the talismans harmonizing those or other properties of character. Many stones protect the owner from negative energy by generation of own power field. Therefore the person having any ornament should not only clear constantly it of power dirt, but also "communicate" with it, getting its positive information and energy. It the owner strengthens connection with the talisman both increases its energy and strengthens protective properties. Talismans, pins, are capable to neutralize ornaments negative energy, associates, to cure and protect us. Metals applied in jewellery make various impacts on the person. We all know that gold is a symbol of the Sun. It possesses very strong energy and salutary properties.

 Now people wear jewelry also to show their status. Of course we do not wear cachalot teeth and shells of eggs, but jewellery means a lot in our image! Jewellery and accessories mean even more then the clothes themselves.

 Speaking about jewellery first of all, it is necessary to distinguish jewelry for girls and jewelry for ladies. Girls presume to themselves the bright and bright costume jewellery combined on color and style with clothes. Today the choice is great enough: it is possible to pick up jewelry in east style (massive, long "ringing" earrings-pendants), with fur elements, from a skin and wood, with bright pastes and stones. It would be a mistake to put on a wooden bracelet, heavy "ringing" earrings, the massive belt poured by pastes, and a couple of necklaces with stones and sticking out fur. First, the costume jewellery choice is defined by your style: if you wear bright clothes from the rustling, brilliant fabrics, opened and fitting enough, you can choose massive east ornaments which will organically be entered in your brilliant image. If you prefer more modest styles jewellery also should be soft, quiet, not striking: medium-sized rings, thin chains and bracelets. Style "kitsch" assumes the bright costume jewellery which is evident: exaggerated bracelets and rings, necklaces from large bright stones, a combination of contrast colors, and abundance of shine.

Secondly, it should not be too much jewellery. It is possible to adhere to a classical rule of "three": not to wear more than three elements of jewelry at once. Better wear or a bracelet, a ring and a chain, or a chain and earrings (other combinations are possible also). Watches also are considered as jewellery. However today this rule not so is actual. If you prefer not striking costume jewellery, anything terrible does not happen, if to a bracelet and earrings would be added a pair of rings.

 Thirdly, ornaments need to be selected according to the growth and proportions. On small thin girls large stones look ridiculously just as very thin graceful ornaments can be lost on your body if you are far from a Thumbelina.

Fourthly, do not underline problem parts of a body using bright jewellery.

Fifthly, do not refuse jewellery in an everyday life. You will look fresh and it is fashionable.

So, we see that jewellery (which seems to be a small part of our image) means a lot not only for appearance but for our inner world as well. So be careful in choosing things which will mirror your soul and your heart! And you should remember the main rule for jewellery: better less then more!

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