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40Any girl wishes to become glamour and to look more tremendous. I will give you some advice how to look glamour! The main rule how to become glamour is doubtless to look after your appearance, to look after the skin and hair, and also to keep a good figure. Even the most glamour things will not hide your raunchy and appearance lacks. On the contrary, it will turn a great attention to your lacks.

If you want, to look like beauties from covers of fashionable magazines, it is necessary to use cosmetic means for a problem skin. And already after some time, you will see a result!

And now we will pass to things which will give to your appearance a glamour shade!

Fur!! Fur products look glamour absolutely at any time of a year! You don't have to use fur clothes, very magnificent accessories turn out from it. Both the natural and dyed shades of fur look very stylish.

Leather!! Continues a wildlife theme! The leather was and is considered a magnificent and expensive material at all times. Especially if it is a leather of wild and exotic animals. For example, a snake or a crocodile. From this material both clothes and accessories look smartly and stylishly.

Patent leather!! It is a general fashionable trend. Very much glamour look footwear and things from a patent leather, and of course the accessories! And the product can be either completely patented or from the patented details. If you wish to concentrate attention to this detail of the dress, use a thing of bright color. Very much glamour the red patent-leather looks. If you don't like this color, use any other bright shade.

Metallic!! Really the Most glamour color! Without this color a modern glamour fashion as the concept completely loses the meaning. Undoubtedly brightest expression of a metallic is in gold and silver. Gold shades in dresses, do for some occasions. And for not to look too "gold" in every-day life, use accessories of gold shades (a handbag, bracelets, belts, sunglasses with a gold frame and any jewellery). They will show that you are glamour. Silver is more conservative metal. Its shades can be used much more neutral, than in a case with gold. Jackets, raincoats, blouses and any accessories will look very stylishly. Silver, unlike gold, perfectly does both for everyday use and for special occasions. The main thing is to be in harmony with your dress!

The glamour is, as it is known, not only clothes, but also a way of life, behavior, etc. The Glamour is a luxury: gold, brilliants... So it is fashionable and dictated from TV. And TV shows not all the life, it shows rich people. And all this is fairy tale. Hence, everyone starts to imitate all that is shown on the screen (as it is fashionably), i.e. try to follow all". But not everyone can effort it: all expensive things of well-known designers, brilliants; therefore they just imitate buying plastic jewellery, cheap pastes on the jeans, the gilt rings and earrings that are not the GLAMOUR. And the parody is nonsense. Such person looks not glamour; she looks even not beautiful at all, in jeans which she has bought in the market with the label "Gucci". She would look much better is natural, stylish without superfluous cheap glamour clothes with her own style, which nobody dictated.

Still the glamour is the behavior sustained by excessive pathos and shocking. Where "the life is fitness and shopping" and the dissolute way of life filled with only pleasures. No wonder that it is simply a waste of time, the person lives for public, instead of herself. Simply it is a way to expose yourself. And it means that the person cannot have own opinion.

I do not see anything shaking in it. To people  simply to normal people not from the TV-set it is necessary to analyze everything that is shown. Not to do all that it dictates. It is just a fairy tale, your dreams and errors.

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