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Author: admin |Thu, 06/18/2009

64Too often I hear words: «I want to earn money. But for some reason I meet problems with it. Why? » Well, I have also some questions.

Question the first. What is the problem? Money, circumstances or you? If you want to earn money - earn money! You are the master, you order and you are responsible for it.

How much time today it has been spent for an earning? From 9.00 till 18:00, minus a lunch break? And what is the time from this when you really earned money? To earn and get wages are different concepts. Feel a difference: to earn (everything that has earned - all mine) and to receive (I perform some work, well or somehow, and I receive for it money, much or not).

And if you worked two-three o'clock less, could you make the same work? Most likely, could. Means, time for which you "extract" money which you receive as the salary, has very small EFFICIENCY.

Two variants of the answer.

1. I wish to earn much money and for this purpose I will do (find highly paid work, make the own business, will be arranged for the second work, start to earn additionally), agree to spend (time, forces, health) and to risk (money, stable, but low-paid work, good relations with friends and close people which can take offence at reduction of dialogue with them, change of a way of life, etc.).

2. Actually all suits me (well or nearly so), I do not want to change anything in the life, but sometimes it is possible and to grumble a little concerning that I earn a little money.

Question the second. Do you wish to earn or get money?

How you are going to increase the wages? To ask increases to the salary, to be arranged for the second work, to step upwards on a career ladder... Or nevertheless to work on yourself, earning as much, as depends on you personally, your desire, ability, skills and ability to make correct decisions?

Here there are no right answers. To someone to receive money from the chief is more conveniently and more easily, than to risk and earn more. The salary of top-managers would be envied by many independent businessmen. And someone agrees to work day and night (at first in general almost without profit) if only there were no chiefs.

Question the third. And how do you imagine a working process?

Will you agree on any high paid job? Even if you dislike it?

The answer. Unloved work (as well as any other process) most likely will not bring a lot of money. And if you force yourself to work, even the received money will not make you happy.

A question the fourth. Do you really wish to earn?

The answer: Well so go and earn. And do not say that it does not depend on you.

Once I have given up unloved work and I am not sorry at all. I even sorry that has not done it even earlier -waited, while I get other education. And now I am pretty happy and have now more spare time. For example, for my children, pet and work in Internet magazines. And now I know for sure that if you have a strong desire to earn money, first of all you should decide how much money you'd like and then not to be afraid to change your life. Because changes make us stronger and better.

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