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Author: admin |Thu, 06/11/2009

28 Possibility to have a freelance work is, probably, the biggest bonus which «hostages of office» with development of Internet technologies could receive. What positive aspects does such work have, how to organize it correctly and what pluses has such work? Many of us wish to work in flexible hours very much, but very few know, what pluses and minuses are comprised by the freelance form of work, and is it really necessary.

It is a mistaken opinion that to work at home means to work less. It is totally opposite! Now it is necessary to work even more. In the conditions of office even if employees do not submit tops of productivity and efficiency, in any case, they are at least all the time in the office under chef's supervision. And it will hardly come to somebody's mind to check up, what exactly they do, because presence of people at work assumes that they work. And home or free schedule means possibility of rest from work, or as heads can be expressed - to idle.

The request of the employee to put him on the free schedule usually does not cause pleasure. And it is explainable: you cannot be constantly supervised at home! For this reason, offering the chief experiment with freelance work, you should offer him variants to control your work. If working in office you handed over on check entirely ready report so now, probably, it is necessary to do in parts.

And the matter of time - any discrepancy with the stipulated terms will cause the desire of your chef to return you on a workplace, in office. By the way, if there is a desire of idleness or search of an extra time for house and household affairs among the reasons on which you wish to work out of office, than, possibly, freelance work will not bring you the result.

Here, at last you can work in the evenings or even at the nights if you like, and in the daytime you can walk, go shopping and in cinema, or simply sleep. But the most part of people work in the daytime, and have a rest in the evening. And, most likely, your friends and a family concern this part. To spend time without them it is dullish, isn't it? Besides, though workers of intellectual work is just those people for whom it would be convenient to work freelance (really, to draw, to write it is much more convenient at home), - they feel need for professional dialogue with colleagues, and, hence, most sometimes they need to be in office. Having moved the office at home, you are not insured from danger «to lag behind a life», to cease to be well informed about that is actual in your company and in professional sphere.

It is necessary to possess strong character to force yourself to sit down for work you are on your own, when nobody forces you, when you have conditions to roll in a bed or to sit in front of the TV little more.

From experience it is obvious that to work from time to time, changeable - means to spoil the freelance work. It is necessary to make the own schedule of work and to co-ordinate with it your actions. The positive moment is that your schedule will consider your desires and requirements, but, nevertheless, it will be the plan of restrictions on time.

Do I possess self-discipline? Will I manage to motivate myself? Can I do it without colleagues and a management? Possibly, it is the most important questions which should be set to yourself. If you answer positively, probably, it is time to offer such kind of the work schedule to the management.

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