Double life: work and study

Author: admin |Mon, 06/22/2009


To achieve a successful life, many of us lead a "double" life at some point, namely, combining work and study. Frequently, a career depends not only on practice, but also on level of knowledge. If you don't have the skill set to get a desired job, working and simultaneously studying might be an option for you. Not all jobs are based on your educational level, but generally speaking, people with good qualifications tend to advance up the career ladder quicker than those without. People study for many reasons such as improving skills for the potential to earn more, or perhaps after being bored for years in one industry a change in direction is sought after and a learning a new skill is required. In any case, the work/study combination can be a long and challenging process. Therefore, the first question which arises from this situation - how to organize your life to avoid the majority of problems which result from the work/study combination?

Having weighed all the pro's and con's, the main thing to get right is the organization of your time. First of all, at what point of the day are you at your sharpest? Are you at your peak of alertness when you first wake up? Do you get restless in the afternoon? Do you need to switch off before you go to bed or can you sleep when your brain is still buzzing? Knowing your own body will give you a natural suggestion on how to spend your time.

Before undertaking a double loading, it is necessary for you to analyze attentively where the time is lost during the day, or where time can be used more effectively. Sit down and write out on a sheet of paper, the actions - from when you wake up to when you go to sleep. Break the day into 15 minutes blocks. How much time do you actually spend on watching TV, surfing the net, emailing friends, chatting/gossiping on the phone, snacking, cigarette breaks etc? You might surprise yourself how long you actually spend being non-productive. You might think you spend a bit of time on the net and watching TV, but actually recording it day by day will prove useful.

Create a timetable for what you need to achieve for study and work. Block in time to relax, socialize and exercise. Don't neglect these areas. Overloading will lead to stress and productivity levels will drop.  The advice can seem simple, but it is effective.

Throughout study, there will be an array of problems. Try not to despair. Yes, work and study can be challenging and stressful. Always look forward and focus on the end goal - after all study is only temporarily, and the purpose is high!

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