Save your energy, don’t let the electric appliances absorb your power

Author: admin |Wed, 06/10/2009


shutterstock_20803021 In the morning the electronic alarm clock awakes you, you wake up and I turn on the TV or CD-recorder while take a shower, in a microwave-oven hot sandwiches are prepared. You sit at table after blowing your hair dry with the electric hairdryer; you open a refrigerator and get a juice glass. Certainly, during a breakfast you listen to the favorite radio or watch TV. The main thing, leaving for work, not to forget to switch off all these devices...

And on work you sit at the computer, take a cell phone and start to work... And of course you work properly very little time, maybe even only a half of the working day. Then you are almost exhausted. You ask yourself "why?", but it is obvious that staying almost all the day facing the monitor or just staying near the electric appliances cannot influence your body favorably.

To deny blessings of a civilization intensively taking root into our life (computers, radio telephones, decorative light sources, microwave ovens etc.) thoughtlessly is impossible. To forbid mobile phone so convenient for dialogue today it is impossible as well.

We cannot manage already without electric devices; the standard of well-being depends on them very much. It would seem all in all by the end of the last century the word "computer" has entered into our lexicon, and today we can't imagine ourselves without the computers any more. By means of Internet the geographical, political and ethnic borders are successfully overcome today. Virtual communications cease to be exotic.

Appearing of washing machines has almost completely solved problems of the washing which are taking away so much time. The device, capable to communicate through Internet has been created. Users can load programs for optimization of work of various household devices (for example, washing machines) from Internet is direct in these devices. It is possible to send also messages on these devices..

No wonder that the appearing of domestic electric devices brings very much facilitates in our lives, we let washing and an ironing to automatic machines, to answering machines - dialogue with friends, and the TV and video replace to us dialogue with the family.

Domestic electric appliances are very convenient, but can bring many troubles. The mobile phone is most a vivid example of negative influence on a human body at long and continuous use. Even the advanced mobile phones regulated as absolutely safe, radiate far not harmless waves. Especially, when the aerial of a radio telephone is near to a head. The mobile phone which has become by one of ingenious inventions of last century has turned to the present nightmare for people who involuntarily should suffer from consequences of its use in public places.

The more technical possibilities the electric device has, the more negative is its influence on the person.

We can't help mentioning the computers. At present the computer became a favorite thing and the necessary assistant in many families. We can talk about its power and the intensity of influence on the person almost infinitely.

Therefore we will only shortly tell that the person for the present has not invented up the appliance, which has stronger and more negative influencing power than the computer.

In our world all things and the phenomena influence on the person, any - positive, any - negative. But the human is called human to be able to use an essence and energy of an event for strengthening of the power body, for strengthening of the aura, for adjustment for unity with the Nature and Space. And everyone can make it, it is necessary to stop and look around, without giving in to a mad rhythm of the fussing world...

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