Computers and our health

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Many of us cannot imagine their life without the computer, and some of them spend in front of it all the day long. Mostly if you work as a freelancer, so your PC is on day and night. And involuntarily there is a question: is it possible to look on the monitor for 10 hours, to drum on the keyboard and thus not to be injurious to the health?!

Most of all problems and censures are caused by the monitor. But not because it radiates dangerous, as at explosion of a nuclear bomb, radiation. Not at all - no radiation proceeds from the monitor. Danger is in other: at monitor work there is considerable electromagnetic radiation it gets at breath to lungs, and then with a blood current is carried on all organs of an organism. As a result we suffer from sleeplessness, alarm, the irritability, the strengthened palpitation, and our immunity decreases.

Except electromagnetic radiation round the working computer the electrostatic field is formed drawing to a dust from all room. And, sitting in front of the computer, you inhale this unhealthy, dusty air which dries mucous and strengthens allergy displays. Therefore you can fill that your nose is blocked or you have tickling in your throat.

It is impossible to get rid of electromagnetic radiation completely, but to weaken its harmful influence is not difficult. Clean a working place, or the place where the computer is because positive ions tend to stick to dust firmly. Do not hold near the computer a heap of papers and documents, put all necessary in table boxes. A working surface of a table should be wiped with a damp fabric with antistatic. Air the room very often.

Keep a distance!

The image on the screen, first, is shone; secondly, all time slightly blinks. To examine it we fix a sight in one point for a long time and blink seldom, that is why our eye muscles get tired, the gentle mucous dries up, eyes redden, and you can feel pain. After four hours of continuous work in front of the computer you feel gripes in your eyes as if they are full of sand.

If the monitor screen is located very close from us, for some time even visual acuity decreases: eyes so have got used to be focused for a long time that even cannot relax. Sometimes after several hours "face to face with the screen" starts to fork before eyes and it is difficultly good to make out the subjects located outside of a table. All these infringements of sight are reversible, do not remain forever, but anyway it is not less unpleasant.

Put the monitor on distance of 70-80 cm from your face. Never work in front of the computer in the dark and in room brightly shined with the sun. The ideal illumination is identical on intensity of a room and the screen.

On the screen reflexions of your face, a lamp, bright subjects (all light effects tire eyes twice more strongly) should not flash. You can also buy eye-drops which will help your eyes to recreate from the overloading.

Have a rest, without distracting

In an ideal all women working behind the computer should arrange each half an hour a 2-3 minute rest for eyes and each hour 10-minute gymnastics for all the rest. However at a hard work it is impossible to distract so often. What about our health?

That is enough 2-3 minutes for our muscles to have a rest and relax. Therefore change a pose more often - lean back on a chair back, have a sweet stretch, having thrown a head back and having directed a sight in a ceiling.

Learn, while having thinking over, turn a sight from the computer screen to the window. If you have an aquarium at home that would be great to turn your sight to it, contemplation of water and small fishes calms, but does not break

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