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Author: admin |Thu, 06/11/2009

27 Any woman has moments when it would be desirable to change something in a life. And everyone solves this problem in own way: one goes at hairdressers, another rearranges furniture in apartment. Both receive the pleasure, and it depends only on preferences. But, sometimes, we simply do not have warmth in the house. And, as we know, warmth in the house is the most important thing to relax and have a rest after the intense working day.

In the autumn warmth in the house becomes the most important. As it is pleasant to kindle fire in a bad weather and, having left all grieves and cares of day, to spend evening with close people at a fireplace.

For this reason we have decided to devote our conversation to this subject of an interior, actual at any time year.

Since ancient times the hearth was the dwelling centre. Everybody gathered round it - young and old. Fire not only warmed, but also drew a sight, calmed soul. Nothing will replace it - neither a plate, nor the battery, the TV. Now, when it is almost unreal to establish the real fireplace or the furnace in apartment, the modern electric fireplaces can satisfy new generation.

The electric fireplace differs from a simple fan heater or a radiator that the main component of "live" charm - a mobile picture of a flame is added to heat proceeding from it.

Certainly, in a wood or coal fireplace it looks much more attractive, but creation and service of the similar centre (especially in a city) demands a lot of time, expenses and cares. And for the majority of city apartments the real fireplace is the same impracticable dream, as, for example, pool or a wine cellar. Flue punching (possible, by the way, only on last floors) is connected not only with a problem of getting the corresponding permission. It is, first of all, expensive and labor-consuming work. Besides, it is difficult to find a place in small city apartment for storage of fire wood, coal or briquettes. And what to do at re-planning if the functional purpose of a premise changes and a fireplace it is necessary to transfer to other place? To build a flue again?

The electric fireplace does not create such problems: has bought, has brought, has pressed the button - and the air stream goes with small speed, without lifting and without mixing a dust, providing equal distribution of heat from top to bottom. All these properties do the device irreplaceable not only in city conditions, but also in country houses and summer residences where there is still no flue and the furnace is not put. In some cases it is safer and more aesthetic, than furnace: it is not necessary to prepare fire wood, to buy coal, and it needs very little energy.

Presently manufacture of European (especially Scandinavian) electric fireplaces actively develops. They are distinguished by modern design, technical perfection and simplicity in operation. Such fireplaces are perfectly entered in any interior, whether it is city apartment, office or a country house. They happen even bilateral; therefore they can be put in the premise centre.

It is necessary to add that beautifully issued fireplace will give not only charm and elegance to an interior, but also will present to you and your friends many pleasant hours.

Psychologists assert that the burning fireplace helps to relax, takes off weariness and charges positive energy. Fire contemplation puts in order thoughts, allows to consider, slowly, exciting questions and to make correct decisions. Besides, it will be one more reason to gather all your family together, to have some tea and warm talk.

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