House harmony is soul harmony

Author: admin |Thu, 06/11/2009

26 What do you feel, when cross a threshold of the house in the evening? Does it meet your requirements? How does your house sound, smells? Perhaps all these questions sound strange. Every evening millions of people hasten home. The key turns in the lock, we close the door after entering, and here we are, in space which we consider as "our own". This place gives us force, returns ourselves to life.

What does it look like? If the wife is a good housekeeper, it is difficult to be kept from a compliment to the mistress and not to be glad for well-being in the house. But order and cleanliness of the house doesn't always mean well-being.  It happens that in the tidied up house pressure and discontent atmosphere are very often . And on the contrary it happens that in the cluttered up apartment people live in perfect harmony, are happy with each other. Why it happens?

House furniture is the integral element of our inner world, and, having inspected attentively the dwelling, it is quite possible to tell about its dwellers. Certainly, the first what is evident is an order or the disorder. The disorder is an obvious indication of indiscipliness and carelessness. And on the contrary, an ideal order - the sign of sincere harmony and firm principles. However such explanation is too simple to be absolutely true. Our life shows us sometimes totally different conclusions.

Almost all parents of teenagers complain about carelessness of children, that it is impossible to force them to keep an order in the room. The matter is that interests of the growing person are very wide, directed mainly to an external world and a little adhered to small material details of a life. Only having felt all inconveniences which are born by the disorder, the teenager gradually gets tidiness.

But the person gets the absolute tidiness considerably later - only becoming the mature person. Displaying on shelves the scattered things, you actually do much more: you learn to order also all problems, to organize.

But sometimes even well organized people need some changes. The wind of changes has most strongly an effect in the spring. The aspiration to change concerns literally everything that us surrounds. And first of all that surrounds us is ... an interior. It is considered that interior changing needs to be started in the beginning of each season as with revolution of the season our biorhythms are changed, an emotional, psychological condition vary also.

Furniture shifting. It is the simplest way to recover house conditions. Especially it is actual for small apartments - the more often we move furniture, the larger the premises seems. And also try periodically to rearrange everything, on what the sight will fall.

The interior can be men or females. And the psychological comfort of inhabitants of dwelling in many respects depends on parity "man's-female". Checks up, what elements in your interior prevail, whether the man's or female part is suppressing. Probably, one of displays needs to be strengthened, that anybody from members of a family did not feel dickey. Purely man's attributes - bright light, simple geometrical forms, strict lines, presence of transformed details. In a word - logic and functionality. A female interior are warm emotions. Low furniture with bendy legs, smooth lines and soft upholstery. Set of accessories on regiments (vases, boxes), original curtains, an abundance of plants in the pots, muffled light.

Create together balance in an interior - and let your house be the coziest place on the Earth.

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