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Interior is not only internal furniture of a premise, but also a mirror of human soul. «And still - financial possibilities», - skeptics will add. But is the brand so necessary where the beauty and originality is to be placed? There are some simple ways to create a stylish interior despite of economy.

Way the first. More freedom

Thumbing through catalogues and thematic magazines, we pay attention to remembered details of the registration, the unusual furniture, skillfully placed accents. Also we do not notice that the interior is actually created by what it is not visible: by emptiness. That is why emptiness is the irreplaceable thing. There is an opinion that the room looks spacious if at least two and it is better all four its corners are free. And empty walls also play the important role in a modern interior, and not necessarily minimalist.

Let's look back around: each corner is occupied by "functional" furniture. We will add something the extremely necessary in the centre of a room and we will be surprised that the modern subject of an interior has not decorated, and on the contrary, has got lost among similarity of a furniture store. The diagnosis: shortage of space. It is possible not to notice it for years. For example, I did not notice, until the free wall became necessary for a complex of exercises. Without having found that, I have decided that it is impossible to live this way. A conclusion: if in your house there is superfluous furniture, give it to good hands - the orphanage or an old people home with pleasure accept not too old case or a sofa. And how to decorate the wall? The best designer is an order.

Continuing freedom theme, I will remind that a well cleaned apartment looks almost as repaired. It is not obligatory to use liters of harmful household chemical goods, polishing door handles and book shelves to shine. It is much more important to get rid of stuff. It not only spoils all picture, but also depresses owners, reminding them of own imperfection.

How to struggle with interior monster? I will note only two main positions: it is necessary not only get rid from old, but also to prevent occurrence of new stuff. I will remind also that the stuff is not only unnecessary things shabby by time, but also quite suitable to use and at all necessary, but lying not on the places. Or in general even not having the place to lie. Therefore again we will recollect with gratitude every possible baskets, boxes, sacks. Sign them, and in the house the coziness and an order in due course will be established.

Way the third. True to style

Having cleared away the house from superfluous furniture and things, we will think of what style is the closest to us. New style in the house is unessential new furniture. It is enough to change textiles and to accentuate its several suitable elements. Style means not only an orientation (the country, a retro or both that and another), but also color combinations. Two dominating and one supplementing color will allow building a refined palette of an interior. Someone will like the uniform design decision for all house, someone will want to equip each room in the style. However in both cases through all habitation there should pass any idea: the motive repeating in different variants, the theme expressed differently or color scores. Look through magazines and note those subjects which lacks in an interior, and methodically extract the similar. Henceforth, when you want to make a spontaneous purchase think twice, whether it will be ok in style of your house.

As it is known, the interior is created by trifles. It is completely not obligatory to rush behind them in expensive boutique. Perhaps, they will be in the next writing shop, and even on your regiments. Yes-yes! So, it is time to go on hunting on own apartment and to search for those subjects, which will organically be entered in an interior if you expose them on regiments and lockers.

Be a creative person... don't be afraid to dream and imagine. Only turning on your imagination you find your style. And only your soul will help to create the soul of your apartment.

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