Hoppy Easter

Author: belan |Fri, 05/08/2009

April... the time of nature awakening ... The air is fresh and clear, the buds are swelling on the trees, the first foliage appears and the young grass begins to shoot out of the ground.

One April morning arrange a holiday breakfast in the family circle in your back yard. Everyone would be delighted with such beginning of the day off! The stylish table appointments of white porcelain and linen serviettes with flower design will even strengthen a spring mood.

Easter is just upon us and it has always been a tradition for the eggs and the bunnies. And you all wonder why. Anyway, it'd really take a long track at history and anthropology but the summary is that painted eggs hold a lot of symbolism that they have been around even before Easter and Christianity. It has been just somehow carried over as a tradition.

Everyone remembers the fun of Easter egg hunts when they were young. Easter Egg hunts are a fun tradition that will continue to be enjoyed by generations of children. Tender Easter compositions will adorn your house and create the comfortable atmosphere of spring holiday. The main Easter symbol - an egg, is the obligatory component of installations. There are so many kinds of Easter eggs. And another whole lot of ways to paint and decorate them. So here are some tips on how to colour and decorate the eggs.

Preparing the dye

The simplest method to colour the eggs is by food colouring. Boil 3 cups of water and take it off from the fire. Add 2 tsp of white vinegar and 20-30 drops of food colouring (or more, for more saturated colour). Let the dye mixture cool down.

Eggs preparation

Both hard-cooked and raw eggs can be coloured. The more smooth the surface of the egg, the better paint will lie down. Before to colour an egg, wipe it with the white vinegar, to clean the impurities, and to improve paint absorption. To get the muffled colours use brown eggs. Your hands must be clean and without hand cream during colouring the eggs, so that oil from cream did not influence the absorption of paint.

If you are going to keep eggs, you need to leave them unboiled, and then after colouring blow them out, otherwise the eggshell will float on the surface of the paint.

Egg Blow Out

The blown out eggs can gladden the hearts for a long time year by year. It is better to blow out the eggs when the decoration is already completed, however if the instructions require the reverse, it is possible to blow it out before. Wash and dry the egg. Puncture a small hole at the small end of egg with a big needle. Puncture a bigger hole at the large end, making sure you puncture the egg yolk. Place egg over a bowl, put a straw into the small hole and blow through the straw until all of the inside is removed. Rinse the shell with cold water and allow to dry thoroughly.

Eggs Colouring

Keep the eggs in the dye, until they become of the necessary colour. Take them out, wipe with paper towel and let them dry out. Except for food colouring it is possible to paint eggs by any natural method or any acrylic paint. You can find this in ceramic shops or some of the egger's supply catalogs have some. Natural colours, commercial egg dyes, and water-based felt pens can be used for colouring eggs as well.

Eggs Decorating

It's always good family fun to go paint eggs so here are some methods and tips on how to paint and decorate them.

Materials: eggs, dye, a straw for blowing out the egg, ribbons or wavy decorative braids, transparent glue, needles with pearl heads.

  • Colour and blow out the eggs
  • Glue a ribbon or braid along the whole perimeter of the egg.
  • Close one hole with a silk flower or little bow, glue him.
  • Run a needle through a loop on a ribbon and then stick it into the hole. Fix it with glue.
  • Now you can hang these pretty decorations on the tree in the yard or the house plant twings.

You may also decorate with ribbons, lace, buttons, cotton balls, wool, sequins, macaroni, feathers, glitter, pencil shavings, fabric, yarn, dried plants, or jewellery.

Due to a composition of tender flowers an ordinary basket can turn into an original decoration for festive cake!

Combination of bright table-cloth and coloured tableware creates the appetizing atmosphere.

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