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Author: admin |Thu, 06/18/2009


Constant haste forces the person to forget about the simple physiological requirements. Leisure is necessary for us to relax and restore forces. It is necessary to understand leisure as time when responsibility does not press on the person. One of ways to be released from frenzied race - to get any quiet hobby which do not demand haste, for example to be engaged in a collecting, gardening.

Whether you work or have a rest, it is recommended to plunge into favorite business, work or a hobby so deeply to lose count of time. Pressure of time is felt only when you regret about the past or anxiety on the future. Having learnt to concentrate on a present situation, you will feel less in time vice. If you slow down rate of a life and will start to live in the present, here and now, pressure of time is not felt.

As though we tried to stretch time, all the same there are same 24 hours in days. Every week for work and entertainments to us it is released the whole 168 hours, 10080 minutes, or 604800 seconds. We spend a considerable part of time in bustle and vanity, trying to be in time with everything. We pay off with stresses and illnesses for extremely intense rhythm of a life. Meanwhile, «if you are capable to perceive a current of time without haste and vanity, it is a real richness»

It would be desirable to sleep. Simply to sleep. We have a continuous dialogue. Sometimes it seems that while talking, I fall asleep. It seems that there is no time on everything. To clean in the house - there is no time. To get out on the nature - there is no time. To find time for you - there is no time. All is so prompt and rapid. I was born recently, it was as yesterday. But already many years has passed. I have gone to school only yesterday, and today my grandson already grows up. What is going on with the time? It is compressed. It would be desirable to be pulled out from its strong embraces, to stop and see the world.

Of course we cannot stop the time, but we can change our relations with the time. Just imagine if you always complain on it and always say that you hate time and it is the great enemy of people... will the time be kind to you if you are not kind with it? Try to make friendship with time! Time likes not only to work; it likes also to have a rest. And also a good organization. If you have no time for rest, you probably stretch the truth. A well organized time can combine everything. So take care about your time of leisure. If you feel uncomfortable just lying in bed doing nothing, find a hobby for yourself. There are tens hobbies which people are engaged with at leisure. Among them there are popular calm and absolutely harmless (knitting, embroidery, fishing, tourism, etc.), and there are also such hobbies which due to course turn in dependence (for example, playing cards). There are also hobbies which do not demand much time from you (such as collecting, for example). But any hobby is very necessary for a person. Hobby presence is a strong support of mental health and harmony with world around. It is your little world, where you feel save and home. Only doing your favorite things, a person feels excitement, joy and happiness.

We ourselves create the life and we allow ourselves to be happy or unfortunate. And whatever fatalists say, I do not agree that human life is defined by the higher forces, I think, the person lives how he wants. If we are in deep depression, it means only that we dare to remain in such condition. But we can be happier, more successful, and more cheerful! Just find your place, your little world, and hear your inner voice. And if you devote even a little time to yourself and your hobby you will see how vivid your life is, and how less important your problems will seem to you!

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