And what is hobby for you?

Author: admin |Wed, 06/10/2009

shutterstock_7619419I can hardly name a person who has no hobby. As, if there is a free time, mostly everyone would like to spend it with pleasure and with unforgettable feelings. The best way to spend it perfectly is not to waste it. As everyone has a different character, so everyone has different interests and likings.

Remember your childhood. I think everyone attended some hobby groups. Somebody participated a literary society, somebody - a history circles, someone enjoyed dance classes, and somebody couldn't imagine a day without playing a football. But being children we couldn't always correctly decide which hobby group to attend. Mostly our parents did it for us. And then we either enjoyed our hobbies or hated the day when our parents bought you a piano. But when you are grown up, you are able to make up your mind and find out what to do at your spare time.

Being very busy nowadays, we can only dream about the end of the week when you come home and take a good sleep. But when you wake up on Saturday noon, you feel relaxed and full of joy and gaiety and you have the whole 2 days of spare time. Why not to lead this energy on the right way? Now you have a full freedom of choice so you don't have to play piano or to do ball dances or something you used to do in your childhood against your will. Maybe you dreamt in your childhood about playing tennis or doing diving or parachuting but you had to earn some money as there are not cheap kinds of hobbies. Besides some of them are very risky, so your parents forbidden you doing this to keep you save and alive. So just imagine that you spend your weekend doing freefall parachuting or exploring the depth of the ocean. I am sure that two days of such rest will seem an age for you. And of course when you come back at work you would feel relaxed and recreated and ready for new achievements.

And if you have a monotonous life during the week days then why not to make a little holiday on weekend. Not everyone enjoys skydiving or some other extremes. For someone hobby can be knitting or cooking. Well, there are also many ways to make your hobby useful not only for yourself but for your family and friends. Spend your weekend at the open air. Organize a picnic where you can practice cooking if it is your passion. Just imagine how interesting it would be to cook not in the boring kitchen but in the open air. Besides you can try some new recipes using a simple fire instead of oven. And I am sure that your friends and your family will enjoy special made dishes.

Many have a desire to have a hobby which would bring you an income as well as pleasure. However there are a lot of things which are interesting and may bring you a good income. Hobby for which you do not spend money and on the contrary, you earn money is met really infrequently. But there some, and even if your hobby does not bring you an income then you can turn it into a different direction, so it could bring you income in any case. For example you are fond of cooking. You can become a cook. And here it depends only on your abilities whether you earn more or less. Besides if you are really a good cook and have a vivid imagination, you can make your own recipe. And if it will be a successful, you will have a lot of money as the author of a magic recipe.

If you like sports you can try yourself as a coach. Remember only one thing, if you want to earn money using your hobby, or if you want to make your hobby a profession, so you have to bring much effort and to be a good expert. If not, then you won't get enough money for your job. Besides, you can do even harm for people or nature. But in any case if you see some weaken parts and gaps in the field you are working, so the best way to reduce them is to get some more knowledge and experience. And only then, when you feel absolutely ready, you may ask for money.

It is difficult to describe, but it is possible to experience the feelings, when the hobby brings you not only pleasure, but also the income!

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