Our illness is our reflexion

Author: admin |Mon, 06/15/2009

48 The physical body is directly connected with emotions, feelings, moods, thoughts. If the body is ill, it is quite probable that the soul is ill too.

In an everyday life the person is constantly busy doing something, and there is no time to analyze the thoughts, feelings, acts; to think of the problems and ways to avoid them. And only having got out of daily routine, it plunges into himself. More often it helps the person.

In the modern world there is no time for ourselves, therefore we start to have stress, to be ill, the organism forces us to stop and dare to take rest.

Even psychologists already say that the reason of a simple cold consists that the person feels not enough love....

There can be many reasons of getting flue. The most frequent - a constant lack of attention. It would be possible to cry - but there are no visible reasons, therefore there is a sneezing, the liquid is allocated. It helps to draw attention.

Sometimes the person does not like attention, avoids it. In that case there can be also a cold. In subconsciousness it still remains the small little man, the child who once did not have attention. And now he suffers from a cold all life. It is curious, isn't it?

People, who have breath problems, hardly accept that comes from the world. They are afraid of all new; they do not have enough freedom. Having feeling of freedom and having got brave, - for example, having ridden motorcycle, - they start to breathe better. If problems are more serious - the reasons of their occurrence are also more seriously. Spasms often testify to insults, about desire to be saved from everything that is insufficiently familiar.

The person does not realize the higher functions, cannot find any peace in the world, and is dissatisfied with that. He feels that can make more, wishes to be improved, but does not know how. Then he starts to dream: he could dream that he is a Napoleon, an angel, God. At first there are only dreams, and then it gives him more and more energy, vital forces because it is better to stay in dreams, than in a real life. The person plunges into dreams even more often. Then communication between two worlds can be broken off: the person cannot understand anymore which of lives is real. And then he becomes crazy.

Each illness is similar to the person. And the cold is similar to the person, and a cancer. If the person starts to feel that he is necessary to nobody, even disturbs another, then the organism can answer it with oncological disease. The person always should know that he is necessary to someone. But the reasons of occurrence of a cancer can be different.

Almost we all are ill, as there is an illness grain in each of us, - the endured physical and mental traumas. It is more than spiritual wounds than physical. After all it is possible to injure a careless word, a sight. It can hurt us much.

How is it possible without any help to get rid of the factors negatively influencing health? It is impossible to change the past, but it is very important to be able to forgive. To forgive easily when you understand the person. When you will understand - you will forgive, illness will pass.

When we appear about death - we are afraid of it, we do everything to survive. Our consciousness does not frighten death existence. But when the death will come, our body will start to be afraid and resist to it.

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