Dance is the best sports

Author: belan |Fri, 05/08/2009

Today the woman is capable on lots of things to remain beautiful, young and desired as longer as it is possible. Shaping, fitness, aerobics, body building, the terrible diets, dangerous tablets and... plastic surgery. Why people think that to become fit and beautiful we should definitely pass a lot of sufferings? There are lots of more pleasant ways to say "good bye" to some kilograms on waist and to say "hello" to mind and body harmony. As we all know that only inside harmony can influence on your appearance. We know that sport is our best friend for keeping life in our bodies. How to choose the kind of sport which fits you both physically and mentally? How to find your way to a beautiful future? After all the recipe of female beauty and staying in aggregate with good state of health is created many centuries ago. For a long time it is well-known that women who dance have the most beautiful bodies and the most proportional shapes. Besides, the dances possess the strongest power. There are hundreds of the dance styles and each of them has its advantages. Here I'd like to stop on the exclusively women's kind of the dance which is called "a dance of life" as the woman gives the life and needs to keep her body in a good fit. Of course, under "the dance of life" I meant belly-dance.

Experts consider that belly dance strengthens health and prolongs a youth. Belly dance changes the women, both outwardly, and inwardly, after all during dance women feels unique pleasure from movements, feeling of pleasure of a life, love to all world, learn to live the happy present.

 In the course of doing dances the woman has possibility to learn a lot of new about herself, the latent psychological problems are highlighted. For example, constraining of the bottom part of a body speaks about suppression of in the sexual relation; especially it is appreciable at women of advanced age while at young - constraining in chest part, speaks about a lack of soul relations with world around. Flexibility in dance gives flexibility to character: softness and smoothness influence ease in dialogue, the freedom in movements conducts to internal freedom.

After all, besides, that belly dance strengthens health; it is still very beautiful and aesthetic. No wonder that many women have taken a great interest in it.

Unlike improving systems popular nowadays (shaping, body building, aerobics etc.) the Arabian dance possesses the expressed medical effect: the bearing is corrected, many problems connected with a backbone, gynecologic diseases leave, an internal works better. Belly dance in particular - like no other kind of the dance, as unique improving system, specifically female, approaching girls and ladies of almost any age. And small wonder that regular dance classes recondition and rejuvenate an organism. Performers of east dances always look very attractively thanks to grace, quiet movements and womanly figures. Really, this dance represents not only art, but also excellent fitness. Unlike aerobics, shaping and lift weighting, the women's muscles are not pumped up in size and there is no effect of strong growing thin, besides it is available less restriction on age and health. The body gets beautiful outlines because the waist, abdominal, back muscles are trained and stretched. The skin becomes elastic and smooth, movements, strengthening blood circulation in the field of a basin and the bottom finiteness's, help with disposal of a cellulites. An hour of dancing prior to 500 kcal it is possible to burn. And you may control the intensity of trainings. While one group of muscles is working the other is relaxing. That is why dance may cause less or no injuries.

The great value of trainings is given thanks to spine strengthening. For the correct and beautiful techniques of hands pressure of all muscles of a back is necessary to control and that affects a bearing well, already some people who dances cease stooping.

And what is more important, while dancing, you concentrate on music, rhythms and that gives your brain also some training. So combining brain, body and mind trainings you get a lot of advantages. No other kind of training manages to combine all this aspects. And after you finish a dance class you feel like a new born as each small part of your body got new portion of energy, oxygen and blood. So a dance is really a life!

Wish to become rather womanly and sensual, wish to find a beautiful and strong body? Dance!

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