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Author: admin |Wed, 06/10/2009

21 The majority of adult people breathe incorrectly, for some reason considering that the body itself regulates quantity of air necessary for it. Only when we have a short wind, we start to worry and take various measures: we go on a diet, we try to do special exercises from time to time, and we take medicines. Really only been ill, the person understands, how much important the correct breath is

If once a week, on Sunday, during walk you deeply inhale air and consider that something have made for the health you are deeply mistaken. As well as those who once in a year, having spent holiday in mountains or at the sea, think that in this time they have swallowed air for the whole year.

To keep health and beauty, it is necessary to spend daily at least 2 hours in the open air. In necessary quantities neither medicines, nor massage, neither baths, nor creams nor could lotions and any other cosmetics replace fresh air. Even diligently observed diet will not promote organism regenerating if it is not accompanied by correct breath.

It is enough simply to watch your breath, and after a while you will notice pleasant sensation of ease.

Daily breathing exercises at an open window or in the open air will help to keep health and a youth for long time. Free and deep breath becomes for you necessary and natural. At daily exercises of 10 deep breaths and 10 deep exhalations it is absolutely enough. Excessive loading in this case is as harmful, as well as in many other things. During breathe it is important absolutely to weaken muscles.

In the first days, doing breathe exercises, try to breathe deeply, forcing to participate a diaphragm in this process. Later, when it will be not so necessary to supervise each breath, it is necessary to expand a thorax simultaneously.

Every morning, having woken up early approach to a window and.... Having opened it breathe, be filled with morning energy, morning fresh air. Yogis advise to spend this Procedure on an empty stomach (it is better to wake up as they said to 6 o'clock in the morning), the very first meal for an organism after awakening, is a full-air breast.

Your skin will blossom; it will take all cleanliness in itself. You will be dizzy with this morning exercise. Your organism will remember this feeling of saturation and will demand it every morning, so give some oxygen for your body! LET morning breath by a full breast will be included into your habit!!!!

Sometimes even after morning breath exercises we have a working day and during some time of hard work we feel that all energy which we got in the morning somehow disappeared and we feel sleepy and tired again, and there is no possibility to go out to breathe a fresh air. In this case you can also do some exercises for relaxation through breath. At a breath the tone of muscles raises, and at an exhalation - goes down, muscles relax. Sit down comfortably in a soft armchair (or just imagine a soft armchair), close your eyes, feel your breath, its rhythm and depth. Imagine that when you breathe in, every part of your body is breathing also and is filled with the fresh air and oxygen. Imagine that the air comes across every part of your body through little holes. Your hands are breathing deeply; your legs and your back are filled with energy. Mostly pay attention to the parts which are the most tired (for example, eyes or back).

Breath and blood circulation are closely connected among themselves. At defective breath blood is insufficiently enriched by oxygen which is necessary for ability to live of each cell of our organism. Result of it is the fast exhaustion, a headache, bad mood. Correct breath rejuvenates a person and extends his life. The majority of us breathe incorrectly though we can easily supervise the way how we breathe.

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