Chocolate Truths: the friend or the enemy?

Author: admin |Mon, 06/22/2009

shutterstock_17818726_smMankind and chocolate have had a love/hate relationship for more than 2000 years, when the first Cacao tree was discovered in the tropical rainforests of the Americas. First we knew chocolate as a spicy/bitter drink - today this has evolved to be delicious cocoa.  And it was only 150 years ago chocolate that saw chocolate take the modern firm form as we now know it.

Chocolate has been a favorite delicacy of children and adults since its creation. It has been a product accused of being both sinful and helpful. And only after recent studies at the beginning of a new millennium has research proved the health benefits of chocolate.

The recent researches have proved that chocolate actively reduces cholesterol levels, reducing the probability of cardiac related illnesses such as atherosclerosis and heart attacks. It has also been proved that chocolate surpasses green apples, red wine and green tea in their "protective" qualities - antioxidants. It is interesting to note that dark chocolate contains twice the amount of antioxidants as milk chocolate. Dark chocolate also contains iron.

Chocolate is also high and fat and sugar, which is the downside. Having good dental hygiene and eating chocolate in moderation will solve this problem. The key with any such foods is balance.

Chocolate also releases Phenylethylamine and Anandamide which are associated with feelings of bliss and pleasure. These are the same chemicals released when you are in love!  Throughout several centuries chocolate is considered one of the most powerful food sexual stimulators. Before visiting the harems, the kings of Maya tribes drank 5-7 cups of "theobroma cacao" - an ancient drinking chocolate.

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