An apple a day keeps a doctor away

Author: admin |Fri, 06/12/2009

37 The eutrophy is necessary for a brain to build the cells physically, and blood should constantly to deliver nutrients to a brain - building materials. What building materials are necessary for a brain? It is enough quantity of fat acids of the phytogenesis which basic sources is vegetable oil. From mineral substances phosphorus, sulphur, copper, zinc, calcium, iron and magnesium are necessary for a brain. Calcium and iron as a part of a string bean preserve bones and strengthen a cardiac muscle. A string bean includes as much protein as it is in beef, but at the same time it has twice less calories. Besides vegetative fiber is much better.

One of the most valuable products for a brain is apples. Substances which apples contain have very good influence on brain vessels. They strengthen and recondition the cell covering an inside layer of vessels, raise elasticity of vessels and interfere with their corking. That is why apples reduce probability of a hemorrhage in a brain, often becoming a cause of death. One of the serious illnesses - a hemorrhage - is connected with infringement of brain blood circulation because of corking of vessels of a brain. To warn this dangerous phenomenon, it is enough to eat only on one apple in day. Apples - the most accessible and very valuable foodstuff. They consist of everything that is necessary for an organism for normal ability to live. The apple is useful for strengthening of sight, a skin, hair and nails, and also for elimination of diseases of nervous character.

To define, what apples possess the greatest medical property it is possible simply. If the cut apple in some minutes becomes pink-brownish color on a cut, this grade has a lot of vitamin Р, and apples, except pleasure from taste and a smell, will be useful to a tired organism. Apples deduce from an organism of salt of heavy metals, cholesterol, strengthen walls of vessels, and have antimicrobial, diuretic action.

Culinary possibilities of apples are almost boundless: from banal apple pies and little pies to an extensive collection of jellies, jam, mashed apples, a fruit candy, wine, vinegar. The success of apples is simple - it is due to the universality of fruits. Apples can impact the dish juicy relish with easy sourish, and can create soft sweetish smack, on the contrary. The main thing - to be able to choose. There are no bad apples. Apples have thousand grades, the sizes, structures, and tastes. Color of a peel of an apple can be green, yellow, or with various shades red. A few yellow apples have supernatural brown stains while red apples, have white stains. The pulp of apples also has various colors, such as yellow, white, or cream. Different grades of apples have the big variety of aromas. Structures of apples also have sets of variants from soft to firm and crackling.

Apples as the majority of fruit practically do not contain any fat as consist of water on 87 %, there are very little quantity of calories in apples so if you replace a fat, sweet and high-calorie dessert with an apple, it is quite possible to grow thin. And the Best diet for symmetry is within several days there are baked apples with cinnamon and yoghurt so there will be the smaller loading on a stomach, and toxins will be deduced simultaneously. Women after big blood loose (periods) should eat the baked apples baked together with nails. They need to be washed up and before meal to clean. After such thermal processing iron which will pass in apples, becomes organic and is well acquired by an organism. It is possible to replace tooth-brushes with this juicy fruit.

It seems amazing how such small fruit which we see every day in every market is important for our health. It is not just words, it is really truth. There are so many people who felt the good results of an apple diet. Just remember the time when you studied at school and your mother always put an apple in your schoolbag. It is not mere chance. She could put some other fruit. But apple is the best fruit for a child to grow up healthy and for his little brain to think properly and to get cleverer every day.  But our brain needs food in every age, so just remember your childhood and take care about yourself as your parents did. Besides, sooner or later you will take care of your own kids!

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