You are what you eat? What the food you eat says about your character

Author: admin |Mon, 06/22/2009


On culinary predilections it is possible to judge the character of a person. Which category suits you most?

You love fruit

People who love fruits and berries are attentive and sensitive. They make friends easily so they have a lot of friends! Competition and rivalry is not for them; therefore fans of fruit often aspire to more humbling careers. Their destiny - such fields of activity in which it is possible to show the abilities to create. However, in the absence of ambition these people sometimes seem careless.

You adore vegetables

Energy is in full swing for these people, and they are accompanied by success in a professional field. Fans of vegetable dishes are greedy for knowledge and are ambitious. Their diligence usually does not go unnoticed. They don't like conflicts and quarrels. Veggie lovers cherish their health. Vegetarians need to be careful they do not eat too much salt, as well as ensuring they eat enough protein and iron for a balanced diet.

You love meat

Usually meat-lovers are impulsive people. Their life is somewhat up and down. Fans of tasty meat often achieve success, but they do not always manage to carry out consistency in the plans. They can at times be difficult partners - many valuing short term relationships over something more serious and long term. They need to learn how to react to criticism. Studies show people who eat red meat too often are more likely to have illnesses such as cancer and cardiovascular issues.  

You love fish and seafood

The fan of fish is calm and constant. The consistency brings a respect from friends and colleagues. It is possible to rely on such a person and in home life. In the professional world they are logical leaders with creative tendencies. Seafood lovers are often close to everybody, but they can at times be shy in expressing their true opinion to others and to themselves.

You are a fan of spicy food

Fans of "fiery" dishes are known by their burning temperament. They need to choose active work which would constantly provide them with thrills and challenges. It is no wonder that these people regularly make "love feats". They are often accused of being egotistical, as a "peppery" character does not take criticism or objections very well. 

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