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49 We do not receive any good from food which is not digested. To eat and at the same time spoil food which cannot be digested is a food waste. But even the worse thing except waste of products is that this indigested food leads to toxins formation which is very harmful to an organism and it is necessary to spend an additional energy for fighting against them. It is known that the person spends 50 percent of received food energy for sight, and 50 more percent on total vital activity. Therefore the correct combination of products liberates a large quantity of energy for vital activity. Those people who live, observing laws of compatibility of products do not know what heartburn, and stomach pain is. The separate nutrition is introduced together with stage-by-stage clearing of a body from chemical wastes; it is the way of returning body to a Nature laws life.

It is never late to start a separate nutrition; it is possible to do it gradually - for example, to start from one day in a week. In due course you will get used to a new combination of products and even will feel an unusual delicate taste of food. The effect will appear in two-three months or even earlier if you relax the bowels.

There are advantages of a separate nutrition. First of all the organism intoxication decreases, the state of health improves and you lose weight. Besides it is possible to achieve quite good results and not to gain overweight if you take care of your nutrition.

Of course you may consider such way of life as a disadvantage, as it demands to keep the certain way of nutrition, and it is rather difficult process of accustoming to it and constant feeling of hunger. And you hardly will take pleasure in such meal.

Not all doctors agree that a separate nutrition is useful. From the moment when we are born, people always ate the mixed food, and for digestion of the mixed food our digestion system is ideally adjusted by the nature. If long to conform to the separate nutrition rules, our digestive bodies will "forget" how to cope with hamburgers and sandwiches, salads and noodle-soup. Eating tasty pies on a holiday will be forbidden. And this fact spoils any holiday.

It is also necessary to distinguish hunger and appetite. Check up: if you can eat a dried crust of bread now with pleasure it means that you are hungry. This key rule leads to avoid eating all day long. And at the same time it will let you find the nutrition timetable for you. If you prefer cold dishes, they should have temperature not below room temperature, and if you prefer hot dishes be careful for not to burn a lip and mouth.

The certain and constant content of water is one of necessary living conditions of a live organism. When the quantity of consumed water and its salt structure changes it cause wrong processes of digestion and blood making. Without water regulation of heat exchange of an organism with environment and maintenance of a constant body temperature is impossible.

The person extremely sharply feels changes of water lack and can live without it only a few days. Chronic dehydration is the main reason which leads to the majority of illnesses. Our body submits signals of thirst in the form of illnesses, such as adiposity, asthma, skin diseases and others. Drinking nearly 2 or 3 liters of pure water a day can help you to get rid of many illnesses.

You decide for yourself how to feed. But if you simply think before each meal, I mean think about the products you are going to eat, how many vitamins they have, how these or that products can effect on your nutrition system and a lot of other factors, - then I am sure you will check your nutrition. Simply add fruits and vegetables reduce synthetic products and fried ones, and you will feel much better in first month of such diet. And maybe then you think about other possible ways of nutrition. And your stomach says thanks to you by means of your skin, energy and general condition of your body. Remember that food is a fuel for your body. And the state of your body depends on its quality.

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