Healthy food is the first step to healthy life

Author: belan |Fri, 05/08/2009

Each future mother hears a lot about how to feed to have a healthy baby. Some mistakes in a feeding of the pregnant woman cannot influence on her organism, but for the child are fraught with the serious consequences.  Every pregnant woman tries to have a healthy and rationale food. We want our children to be born healthy. But isn't it better to start healthy life long before pregnancy?

To start to eat correctly, it is necessary to be able to build the diet competently, to learn how to choose food, how correctly to prepare and take it. I am sure you will agree that our usual food is monotonous enough. The correct balance of fibers, fats and carbohydrates is necessary for normal functioning of our organism. We shouldn't forget about vitamins also. For today we know about the tens vitamins. To a person's organism very small doses of vitamins are required. They make some 100-th part of a milligram a day, but the exchange of substances, growth, development, reproduction, the general condition, immunity, a condition of blood depends on them, muscular, nervous and other systems of an organism.

There are especially dangerous "criminals" - harmful products. Meat and fish sausages, smoked products and canned food, coffee and cocoa, black tea, the sweet coca cola, confectionery products and mayonnaise concern them. To use them it is necessary cautiously, in a small amount.  After such statement there follows a question - then what products are useful to health? There are many "forbidden" products, but there are also a lot of foods we may eat to keep our body healthy.  In our diet there is fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, bean, cereals, eggs, low-fat meat, fish, seafood, milk, sour-milk products, nuts, seeds, honey, and vegetable oil.

Our organism has got used to that food which we constantly use. So we shouldn't change out meals very quickly, if we want to change the diet, we should do it not rapidly, but gradually.  The food necessarily should be tasty. That the dish has turned out tasty is much important with what mood you prepare. Negative emotions do food tasteless, and even toxic, and here the good mood only improves its quality. Perhaps due to our perfect feelings and emotional flight, we are ready to make the whole culinary revolution and to prepare a masterpiece. So it is necessary to eat not only with pleasure, but also to prepare with pleasure!

As we are very busy nowadays to cook every day, we prepare food for some days ahead. But it is not the best way to feed. It is not surprising that the majority of us do not love the meal which has been warmed up in a microwave. It sometimes loses its taste, and sometimes such food is even harmful. Doctors recommend cooking food some hours prior to meal. There are useful microorganisms in the prepared food, and the meal which has stood in a refrigerator, and after again warming, a large quantity of useful substances is lost. Freshness of products is really very important. That is why it is necessary to draw a conclusion that it is better to prepare small portions which will not stand idle in a refrigerator in the days as they will be possibly eaten once.

It is also very important to distinguish a state of hunger from appetite. The first appears when the food eaten earlier has passed a stage of digestion and was already acquired. Agree that the person is given forces by that its organism has acquired, instead of that has put in a mouth and was chewed. Therefore it is necessary to eat only when you strongly wish to eat something. A sign of it is the plentiful sweet saliva arising when you reflect on meal. And here appetite speaks about your desire to regale, and to indulge it constantly it is impossible.

Incessant diets, constant feeling of hunger leads to nervous breakdowns, stresses, organism exhaustion, therefore it is impossible to starve in no event. Doctors and trainers said time and again that the kgs lost by means of a diet very quickly come back. Food should be enough that it is good to feel that the organism correctly functioned. At meal there should be moderation and an overeating or, on the contrary, underrating can affect harm only.

Just listen to your body carefully and it will help you to choose the way of healthy life, as we all have right instincts but once tempted by a mistaken tastiness we keep doing it all the time. And in addition one more remark: if we get rid of the feeling of laziness and start cooking fresh food instead of eating in a fast-food restaurants or "cooking in advance" , then we would feel how healthy we could become!

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