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24 Sometimes we wake up in the morning and find no power to get up from the bed. We feel a kind of exhaustion though we had a good sleep. Why it happens? I will tell you only one thing! Immediately bring into the diet useful products: with their help you will shape up, be charged by energy and strengthen your health! We all are quite competent and we know that our organism as a whole and a skin in particular requires vitamins. Someone fills up their stock by absorption of expensive pills and use of not less expensive cosmetics, and someone, having taken advantage of the further recommendations, will look much better, without having spent a cent.

For example, the use of integral cereals in food restores skin structure, improves work of nervous and cardiovascular systems. For example, wheat germs are rich with fibers, carbohydrates, fats and, the most important thing, contain a considerable quantity of fat-soluble vitamins, including Е and A. Oats, wheat, buckwheat, barley, corn are valuable that even while cooking the cover and a grain germ remains in them. Calcium and iron as a part of a string bean preserve bones and strengthen a cardiac muscle. a string bean has as much protein, as beef contains, but has twice less calories. Besides vegetative fiber is acquired much better than animal one.

So, let's see, what vital substances the skin cannot look beautiful and healthy without. First of all, it is necessary to find out, how much your organism requires this or that vitamins and what exactly it needs most of all. So, signs of hypovitaminosis are: dimples and red stains on the face can mean deficiency of vitamins of the group B and vitamin A; the hair fall, dim both a brittle hair and nails - does not suffice some group B vitamins and vitamin C.

Perhaps, the most known vitamin is an ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Its lack means the lowered resistibility of an organism to various infections. Ascorbic acid has huge value for a correct metabolism; its lack leads to fragility of the vessels, the intensified skin pigmentation. The dogrose, oranges, lemons, black currant, kiwi, apples, and also vegetables are richen with vitamin C and also such vegetables as: cabbage, a potato, a beet, an onions, tomatoes, a garden radish, a radish, turnip, a green peas, salad, carrots tops, red pepper, parsley, fennel, a horse-radish, an asparagus, spinach. It is necessary to consider that vitamin C collapses at cooking, at long storage, and also at contact to metal surfaces.

 Vitamin E is extremely important for a correct metabolism, so and that the skin looked young and healthy. It is necessary for maintenance of health and normal functioning of all systems of an organism. It protects capillaries from the raised fragility, stops destruction of muscular cages, especially after the strengthened physical activity; therefore this vitamin is extremely important for sportsmen. Vitamin E sources: Sunflower seeds, corn oil, almonds, peanut, spinach, beet, crude rice, green parts of plants, young sprouts of cereals.

Group vitamin B is for magnificent hair and a pure skin.

Vitamin В1 regulates a carbohydrate exchange in an organism, activity of nervous system and a digestive path. Has your hair turned grey early? The skin quickly grows old? You have transferred recently a serious illness? Or your work is connected with the big intellectual and nervous loadings? Then take care that you food has enough vitamin B and take care that you eat it regularly. There is much vitamins of the B-group in  milk, beef, pork, a liver, kidneys, heart, a green peas, a potato, bread from a rye flour, and especially in a considerable quantity - in fresh beer both baking yeast and wheaten bran. Mushrooms are the champions of the containing the vitamins of group B, which is irreplaceable for skin look, a hair shine and visual acuity. It gives to a skin a healthy and fresh look.

So if you get enough and regular usage of these vitamins, you will have your eyes, teeth, hair and skin shining all the time which will show your health and make you feel happy. We know that a good health is the first way and reason to feel happy. And if you are happy, your surrounding will be ready to become happy too!

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