Take care about nature and nature will take care about you!

Author: belan |Thu, 05/07/2009

lawn_36171022For a long time flowers are considered as a beauty and tenderness symbol. The best gift to the woman also always was flowers. In our house flowers and plants bring nature breath.

Every day we come home after long working day and after entering your yard you see bright colors of flowers and you forget about the hard day and about your problems at once. Nothing can possibly bring us so much pleasant feelings like feeling the fragrance of flowers and the image of flower in particular. Flowers have a magic power to make us smile and forget all hardships which we face all the time!

If you live in a house you definitely have a part of soil which you can use under plants.  Some people just make a lawn which of course is the easiest way to use the soil. Green color has very favorable influence on our mind, but except of a peace of mind you may feel the other more different emotions.  The only thing you have to do is to make your garden bright! It is easy and not easy at the same time. But the flower pattern can be very much various. By means of flower patterns it is possible to express improbably big scale of emotions and moods. They perfectly transfer a semitone of feelings and personify huge number of symbols. The garden filled with the most different representatives of flora in numerous combinations and color variations makes it look magically. Blossoming gives a rare possibility of relax to your eyes and makes your garden special. Besides, if you plant different flowers which blossom in different time, so you will have flowers all the time!

Popularity of the gardens close on shape to wild natural thickets is growing very fast. If there is too much sun for your eye, you can make a kind of jungles in your garden. There are a lot of plants which can grow even without your help. But there are only few plants which can grow without your help. Mostly you have to take care about your "paradise". The garden without caring will quickly fall into decay and will grow with aggressive cultural plants and weeds. It is enough to look, in what the landscape parks which have remained without leaving on some decades turn almost natural on shape. But it will be twice more difficult to turn everything back, then to take care of it little by little.

The garden is always created taking into account a climate and traditions of that region where it is located. Actually, garden traditions and assortment of plants are always formed by a climate - quantity of summer heat, winter temperatures. It would seem the most obvious not to try to grow up an exotic plants, but to use representatives of local flora. The gardens made with use of plants of local flora, are steadier against adverse conditions of environment and those climatic cataclysms that periodically happen. However not only winter colds become an obstacle, but also summer heat or dryness of an air.

However, despite quantity of exclusive parks growing all over the world far not everyone can create them. The special diploma or educational preparation in this area it is not required, however, according to professionals, garden is an art "from inner" to which cannot learn from books. It is necessary to feel and be able to transfer it to associates by means of ordinary garden scissors. After all, as well as all masterpieces of art, making garden beauty is to show a splash in the emotions calculated on harmony and unity of the person with the world surrounding it.

Nature is wonderful by all means but if you added a part of your heart and created some more from the creation - it will really become a magic thing, a paradise in front of your window where every evening you will sit in surrounding of marvelous flowers, trees and bushes feeling like in honeymoon. And by the way, if you have such bright emotions, so your family will always feel happy also and your marriage will last forever. Because nature creates only the best things, and if you take care about nature, then nature will take care about you!

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