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29 Any garden does not do without trees and bushes. They divide plot into functional zones, give the chance to retire. In winter when the lawn and flower beds are covered by snow, trees and bushes give to a landscape a picturesque look. To give a good shape to a garden, select such trees and bushes which answer your inquiries, and correspond to conditions of your patch.

How to recover a garden, without spending thus a lot of time and efforts? First of all with coniferous trees and other plants which all year long remain green. Therefore, it is no wonder, that evergreen trees are the most popular in gardeners. With the form of a crone in the form of columns these plants become a remarkable ornament for any green drawing room. And if you plant them on the back part of a garden, they will create a side scene against which especially expressively will look either fresh spring plants, or summer flower potpourris, or fiery autumn paints. Trees with the spherical and pyramidal form of a crone will place impressing accents in the foreground.

Evergreen plants are the source of good mood. It is considered that their color is a hope and love symbol. Winter last long, and in this sad season coniferous trees and evergreen plants play the most important role in a garden. Unbelievably beautiful looks the hoarfrost powdering greens thanks to which the sketches from winter fairy tales revive in our minds. Even in a bad weather trees are full of pleasure and elegance which is transferred also to us.

But, the important remark: try to avoid monotony which can creep in your garden very easily. Without the thoughtful approach it is possible to get coniferous breeds of monotonous forms and colors. In that case trees will depress.

Use all palettes of green shades. If you plant near to dark coniferous plants a plant with motley leaves, they will bring light in such composition. Green color looks very expressively and contrasts with red and is in harmony with yellow and dark blue tones. Quiet green tone plays a background role. And the effective tree decorates a garden more brightly, than any other plant. Today, fortunately for a gardener, there is quite reach choice in the market. The main thing is to pick up plants correctly and to be able to combine them. Consider thus and forms of crones.

The expressive environment from less tall plants is required to any of high plants. Only in this case the garden will look effectively. But, buying any plant, find out, to what height it will grow and also what diameter of a crone the tree will have. Whatever beautiful the big tree is, in a small garden it will create discomfort and discord with an environment. For small gardens tiny grades will approach. 

To fill a place round a tree trunk is not the simplest problem. Especially in that case when the dense crone does not almost pass solar beams and the soil is densely penetrated by roots. But it is not the desperate situation. There are many beautiful plants which feel excellently in such conditions.

Under large trees or under small bushes it is possible to fill the bared patches with greens, having planted the plants which form a green carpet. It is possible to create still a combination from evergreen plants and plants which grow only in the summer. As a result your shady zones will look as a coverlet executed in patchwork style.

Having visited a garden in the winter, you will understand how important evergreen plants are. Their One more advantage: they make a shelter to animals all year long. Such shelters are especially necessary for birds who not only build nests and deduce baby birds, but also take cover from a wind and a rain in dense vegetation of bushes and trees. And here you can see one more advantage. Every time when you come in your garden, you would hear beautiful songs of different birds, which will make you feel a release from the daily problems and feel a peace of mind. It is worth it, isn't it?

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