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In the Japanese language the word "bonsai" means not simply dwarf plant, but also a culture of its selection on a tray or in a superficial pot, a dish or the pallet. It is obvious that if the tree can be grown up on a tray there should be a method of growing tiny samples of this or that kind. The majority of arts of Japan in the past have been borrowed in China, and bonsai is not an exception, but in Japan this method developed and has grown to level of graceful art. In Japan it is possible to see the samples transferred from generation to generation.

It is possible to imagine bonsai as a tree or any plant considered through diminutive lenses of a telescope or the camera. Thus, the concept bonsai in the expanded interpretation will be the following: artily idealized natural tree in a miniature, grown up on a tray or in a superficial pot, a flat dish. This specific area of decorative gardening represents a rare and happy alloy of a science and art. The technique of bonsai selection can be learned from the book, but art vision - integral component at bonsai cultivation - should be inherent in its founder.

 Bonsai consists of following basic elements: plants, a ground and a pot. Together they form the uniform live creation of beauty called long, perhaps, all life to please eye of the founder. Thus, the purpose is not only cultivation of a healthy plants in the container, but also creation of something whole of three mentioned elements which are in harmonious unity with each other, and each of them should have the natural and attractive appearance. Bonsai possesses all signs of the prototype in the nature: it has trunk, a bark, branches, leaves, flowers, fruits; it also grows in soil, baring acting roots, in general, repeats model of a live tree of the given kind of natural size. The ground should look a natural part of the relief, carefully picked up stones - "rocks" and a moss should cause association with a natural wood landscape. It is preferable to choose the container as simple as it is possible, its color and the form should not be persuasive; on the contrary, favorably they should shade color and the plant form. In this case the container becomes a natural component of this three-dimensional design. Thus, bonsai will meet aesthetic requirements and create good mood which happens when we look at a picturesque wood landscape, a bosk on a hill slope, a wood lawn etc.

The modern civilization moves the person away from nature more and more, that is why we are carried away now gardening and floriculture - after all it gives to the person rest and promote inspiration. Those who loves flora, but has no garden, can take pleasure in cultivation of tiny trees on a terrace, or on a balcony. Daily to look after a small live plant, to observe, how it repeats magic transformations of the present big tree with season change; how new leaflets appear, and then both flowers, and fruits; to see, how gradually it gets the form conceived by the founder, - all it delivers with not comparable pleasure and brings in our measured existence creative all-consuming interest. If you place this plant for some time in a room, it can decorate an interior, creating special atmosphere in the house (it seems as if we are in wood or in a garden). Bonsai has still that advantage before the usual flowers which have been grown up in a pot that it can blossom all the yearlong whereas flowers can blossom in a short space of time.

The future bonsai-master should know what to begin the development of skills of this hobby with. Graceful bonsai grows and develops from seeds, however it is possible to practice in bonsai, using for this purpose shanks. Most simple is to buy a young tree. Perhaps, it is the best way for a beginner. The important stage in giving the desirable form to a plant is cutting and formation of branches that is reached by means of a wire or other means. After form making there comes time of exciting and responsible procedure - the first change of the future bonsai. Here the big care is necessary at ground moving (it is especially necessary to watch for not to wound roots). These simple rules should be understood and remembered well. Practice shows that if from the very beginning correctly to acquire bonsai cultivation bases, you will have less troubles in future. Let this statement seems common truth, but it concerns all gardening as a whole.

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