There is no age for doing fitness

Author: admin |Wed, 06/10/2009

23 Fitness is a wonderful kind of sports. It does not have age restrictions. It doesn't matter how old you are, it is never late to start to be engaged in doing fitness, and you necessarily become harmonious and! And even to become younger.

Yes you can lay all life on a sofa, having overweight, but fitness will change you anyway! All you need is a desire!

Fitness is simply accessible to everyone deeply scientific technology. But the main thing is that it was proved by experience of hundred thousand female destinies. In fitness there are no failures!

It accepts you any, thin and well-fed. He is not interested in your age. It needs only one thing from you- an eternal youth of soul and huge desire!

At the age of 20-30 if you have a lack of something so it is money for clothes and cosmetics. You don't think about your figure. The mirror shows a safe picture, that is why we are too lazy to train. It seems that we will always stay such young, beautiful and healthy. And meanwhile, our entire further female destiny depends on how we spend this decade. Girls, who are engaged in fitness in twenty, will look on five points in forty as well. Well and in forty years, believe, it is more important, than in twenty. Age illnesses will recede, the hormonal background, strong immunity will be safe. Twenty years - the most suitable time to take a great interest of any kind of sports and to make it hobby for the rest of the life. In this age all is interesting - the fads, skis, the Arabian dances, jumps with a parachute. And in ten years there will be no time to try something new.

You are in the prime of life. Use this time to grow fond of sports, regular trainings and a healthy way of life. Right now you can master correct techniques of power training with the maximum success. Time has come to try different kinds of productive leisure. Through ten years you will understand, what exactly is pleasant to you most of all. If you wish to improve the figure, now - time most suitable to do it, your body will quickly respond to any methods of training.

You have already crossed the important vital boundary, you have children. You are afraid of nothing, including physical pressure. Now you are capable to train hard and fanatically.

Meanwhile, with the years physical activity brings more and more pleasure. It weakens nerves, switches mentality, and helps to forget problems.

Take advantage of that now you can accustom yourselves to everything - regular doing fitness, atrophy, active way of life .Children have grown up, began to depend on us less and we have suddenly recollected, how it is good - to live for yourself. Very long ago we did not do it! The main thing now is to adapt for gradual changes, which occur to our body. Understand, to adapt does not mean to surrender. We not only became cleverer, we became more skilled. In twenty it is no wonder to look harmonious. In forty it is a high vital merit. Alas, ageing is inevitable process. Whether we wish to grow old or not, nobody asks us. The skin tone worsens, the muscular weight thaws, the figure start to blur. Force and flexibility decreases. So now fitness is necessary more than ever! The woman, who regularly trained during all last years, a little will lose in this decade. It will keep both muscles, and force, and flexibility. Trainings at this age bring fantastic advantage! They, actually, stop time, and even turn it back! A secret is that there are no age illnesses. There are illnesses ways of life. Conduct a healthy way of life, and you will be automatically healthy! It is the fact, and it is proved by numerous scientific researches. As we become more senior, it is necessary to make changes to the program trainings. Strengthening of muscles of a back, increasing endurance and force should become priority. Now only health should become your purpose.

Listen to your body, give preferences to those exercises which bring you pleasure, do not be the extremist. The result is guaranteed!

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