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Author: belan |Wed, 04/29/2009


Nowadays, when we are living in technical era, we spend so little time doing sports. We have computers which help us not to move our bodies from the chair; we have cars which brings us in different places also decreasing our physical activity. And finally we have mobile phones which can help us to decide questions even in our beds. So, problems with our health are directly connected with way of our lives. We have to do something with it! Otherwise we become totally immovable.

 I think everybody heard about fitness. So what is fitness and what we expect from it? First of all, healthy, sports figure. Fitness it is not simple playing sports it is a culture, it is a mode, it is food, it is outlook of life and health. To be engaged in fitness – it is good and correct and today it is not necessary to convince anybody of it. If you are the prepared person who is engaged in sports it this system and since the childhood is in friendly terms with sports it will be easily to you to join these sports. And if you did not go in for sports and decided to do fitness here the help is necessary to you. Sharp loading on an organism is not only unpleasant, but also is insalubrious. And if you also have problems with a backbone, trainings which will bring nothing except advantage and pleasure are necessary to you. Exercises do not demand special physical efforts, but at the same time they strengthen muscles, develop flexibility of joints, elasticity of sheaves, and give sensation of harmony.

Being engaged on fitness training system, you will notice in a month, how muscles will become stronger, the fatty layer will decrease, and figure proportions will change for the better. One more advantage of fitness is that exercises are selecting individually – depending on a figure structure. Fitness is a healthy way of life, perfection of the physical form, balance of emotions. By means of fitness potential physical abilities develop in right way. Fitness is not only it is fashionable, but also by all means associates with success in a life and a youth.

We are running all day long. We carry on our fragile shoulders such burdens, which strongest man of the world has no forces to bear. But we need to increase our energy or if not increase just to keep it. And where to take energy from where is its source? The answer is simple - in sports.  Let this word not frighten you, sports is not terrible, it is lovely and surprising, yes, yes, it is surprising. But you will ask where to take time for sports? I am very much busy; there are so many things to do and the Gym so is far from my house, you are short of time or maybe you are too old for it… Remember, fitness does not have age restrictions. How old are you 20? 50? Start to be engaged in fitness, and you necessarily become harmonious and tightened, you will be filled with energy and will flit without knowing weariness till the late evening! Be afraid of sports? Never tried? Fitness is simply accessible to everyone deeply scientific technology. But the main thing, it is proved by experience of hundred thousand female destinies. There are no failures in fitness! It accepts you whether you are thin or well-fed. Fitness is not interested in your age. It needs only one from you - an eternal youth of soul!

One of the fitness branches is aerobics.

Hence, aerobics is a complex of exercises in which respiratory movements are combined with movements of a body. Aerobics has got a great popularity in the world that the congresses, the championships by this kind of sports already became habitual. The majority of people come on aerobics to grow thin and improve a figure; regularly being engaged in aerobics, they notice health improvement as aerobics is improving system of the complex exercises which are carried out on music. Aerobics involves people with variety of kinds and directions. Aqua-aerobics, dancing and step-aerobics. Each person can find for himself what kind will correspond to his character, to temperament, hobbies, and whatever form of aerobics you choose, you would not ever feel badly and it will bring you no harm.

The advantages of aerobics are great; it provides good slim-effect. Doing classical aerobics improve endurance; the person starts to feel the body better. As a result of doing aerobics positive changes concerning cardiovascular system are observed: functionality of heart and vessels improve. Intensity of blood circulation increases. Heart starts to work more actively, to pass through itself more blood. Aerobic exercises are good preventive maintenance of heart attacks and strokes which happen at people in a modern society often enough. Doing aerobics brings us a charge of vivacity and positive emotions. The hour spent in rhythmical movement on fast popular music, gives huge pleasure and creates good mood for all remained day.

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