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Author: belan |Fri, 05/08/2009

To live a long life and to live a happy life are different but yet compatible things. Many scientists determine the maximum possible age of the man, taking into account not anywhere near fifty or sixty years. The most interesting things, according to the optimists, begin after passing the one hundred years and theoretically may last endlessly. The sceptics object: the eternal life is nothing but the long-time aging. But specialists in the field of anti-age medicine already have an argument against this pronouncement.

It is possible to talk for a long time about reasons and consequences of the so called age-related changes, partially because of their big variety, but even the enumeration of these changes doesn't give any pleasure. But there are the most abundant and evident side effects of the vast experience. And they need to be discussed immediately without waiting until the medical theory becomes one's personal practice.

Body cheerfulness

Probably, the most noticeable problem, arising with age, is the constant physical tiredness, connected with the muscle atrophy. Partly the supersonic age with its much talked-of problem of the lack of motion (the way out of the car into the chair and back from the chair into the car) can be thanked for this. But in order to keep in practice and to feel fit, there are wonderful activities such as sport clubs, horse riding, diving and surfing in the far warm seas and alpine skiing on the cozy European ski resorts.

The second problem is the blood pressure fluctuations. The major part of the medicines, bought by the people of ripe age, are produced to fought against this very phenomenon. But there are another means, which can be resorted to, for example, the periodical preventative blood vessels "training". And it is to be though about and the necessary measures are to be taken in good time, so that not to go back to this sad question in the future. Furthermore such methods help to feel well and to distress in a right way, and this is considered to be very useful.

Sober mind

One more trouble, lying in wait for a man in his walk in life, is the memory deterioration. Not catastrophic, of course, but it's already hard to recollect something, and also to attend different training courses, to remember and to learn a big volume of new information.

In this case, help can be obtained from that very medicine, particularly the anti-age one. It has the hormone substitude therapy in its list, which is based on the patient's blood examination. After the blood test they make medicines, which are intended for a particular man and accounting his physiological makers. It may sound a little bit frustrating, but the anti-age medicine is the most pleasant in terms of the process itself, and also as regards to results.

Strength of mind

Always young - that's the motto of a real long-liver. Enjoy with everything, presented to you by life: delicious food, breathtaking journeys and, of course, communication with the sterner sex, - and, possibly, even at the age of 40, finally, to tackle down to raise up a seed. That is absolutely real, if to start the aging prevention activity at the age of thirty, as the anti-age medicine specialists state. What else can be added to this list? I would add living in chime with yourself and in harmony with the surrounding world, developing human creativity, not being afraid of changes, so much more that they are for the better.

The psychological comfort is the world ground, but it's antipode - the stress- can destroy the human organism within several days. Thus it is strongly recommend to illuminate the excessive physical and mental workload, and to pamper your carcase with holidays and rest. Gymnastics, for example the one on the basis of yoga, will be a great accompaniment to that program. To master it, of course, may take not so little time, but then ten minutes will be enough for the everyday workout, giving the much better result than the notorious morning jogging or attending the gym twice a week. The most important thing - it's time to start now!

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