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Author: belan |Fri, 05/08/2009

As you know, sport does you good and it is the key factor to reduce your stress and to "recover energy". Yet some people had often no wish to play sports, especially after a long working day and several classes and/or a lot of study in the library. Yet, you should know that fortunately (or unfortunately, for the laziest...), sports is the cure-all solution for your health. And this is particularly true in the early spring days, when you can do some jogging at the open air, stimulating your blood circulation and your brain activity at its best.

At last we reached the moment of truth, when the old saying "Better to be healthy and rich, than poor and ill" gained its currency again. Now every rich and poor man knows that illness is expensive, or, very expensive!

People, who know the worth of money and time, who want to bring up a healthy and happy posterity, more often prefer to invest the earned money in health, but not in the war against the countless number of diseases, which is prelost  for sure.

Some people do not see the difference. In the meantime, it is really considerable. Even the best, patent  "miracle cures" and food additives do not guarantee the recovery not only from the severe diseases, but even from the insomnia or vulgar papulae on your face. And then it is also necessary to find out, where all these disasters, which it's even difficult to call the disease, come from. Perhaps, the reason is in the medicines eaten during the lifetime, bad water, modified and infected foodstuffs, city smog....finally, it may be because of every-day stresses, which your broken bogy and mentality cannot withstand anymore.

In our everyday life we use a very limited variety of the repeated movements, the same muscles work, and the muscles, which are not used so often, tend to grow weak. This improper engagement of the muscles has an impact on the muscular system in whole. Especially badly the muscles, which work in overcoming the Earth gravitational force and answer for the posture (stabilizing the vertebral column) and those, located deep inside the body, are effected.  And the general well-being depends on the state of the vertebral column. Another muscles take upon themselves the functions of the weakened ones, thus causing the muscular imbalance and the general out-of-trim.

Recently, the doctors used to say: "All diseases are caused by nerves... ". Now they add to the above said with a sight "....and poor ecology". Probably, one of us at a time cannot fight against bad ecology of the planet, but to take care of the own nerves and the ecology of the private life many of us can afford now. The more especially having deducted the costs of the expensive drugs, operations, hospitals, from the assets, initially intended for maintenance of one's health. And what if to reduce the outrageous, and sometimes even detrimental to health costs of the fitness activities?..

So let's wear gym shoes and let's start to do some sports, but without getting dead tired! For example, trekking and footing in the surrounding hills and mountains as well as in the natural parks and reserves are often a good alternative for the young living. These activities are strongly recommended because you can do some physical exercise in a marvellous natural landscape, a few steps from the city centre.

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