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The greatest summer injustice: during the long awaited vacation, we, women gain not awaited kilograms even during 2 weeks of pleasure, and it can become really a problem to get rid from them. Completely having relaxed, we forget about a diet and eutrophy, and most part of the time we spend in a chaise lounge at pool. Those impressions about perfectly spent holiday were saddened by clasped on a waist trousers but it is possible to spend a free time not only with pleasure, but also with advantage. Follow our instruction.

1. Go on foot. Always and everywhere! Walking helps to keep feet harmonious, and buttocks in a good shape. Hold a back straight. If the beach is not near the hotel, rejoice. Also do not even think about taking a taxi or to use any other transport (except a bicycle). Walking on foot to a beach is much better. Before coming into water, doctors recommend to knead your feet properly. Not to look thus strange, making circular motions of feet, standing ashore, go on foot. There is no better way to warm-up, than walking.

Walking on foot, it is possible to burn about 200 kcal. And if you take a heavy beach bag on the shoulders, walking on intensity becomes comparable to running (burns down twice more kcal!).

Run on sand. Many Hollywood stars confess that they are obliged by the tightened sports figure to jogs on sea coast. A secret is that while running our feet stick in sand and it becomes more difficult to run. Thus you spent several times more energy, than at run, for example, on a plain asphalt road.

In total for 20 minutes you will destroy to 300 kcal!

Train in water! By researches it is proved that thanks to aerobic trainings in water fat is burnt more effectively, than during similar trainings on a ground. The thing is in resistance of water which exceeds resistance of air in 10 times. You for certain know that swimming is considered one of the best ways to result in a tone of a muscle and to reach fine results in short terms. People are fond of aqua aerobics basically with the improving purpose and for pleasure. Such exercises cause less injures, but thus give loading three times more than on a land - at the expense of overcoming of resistance of water. Water is the excellent environment for exercises strengthening a body. To move in it is more difficult, but loadings are easier transferred by an organism. When the person falls to water, the weight is not felt, pressure upon a spine decreases. Therefore there is completely no risk of a traumatism. It perfectly strengthens a muscular corset and is useful to a backbone. Unlike usual aerobics here there are almost no shock loadings, but there is an additional effect of a hydro massage that is useful for a skin and to reduce cellulites. Such trainings can be done both in small, and in deep water. Aqua aerobics considerably improves a figure, gives force, dexterity.

Swimming during 20 minutes will help to spend about 200 kcal (depending on speed and a swimming kind). Consider, the crawl is considered the most useful way of swimming. Do not forget to watch spine position: the backbone should be held directly, as the tense string. 20-minute of aqua aerobics in quiet rate will burn 100-150 kcal.

Play! Remember when you were a child and played games - volleyball and Frisbee. In itself the game Frisbee is not too hard play, however playing on sand increases expenses of calories! The volleyball deservedly is considered the most cheerful and active beach kind of sports accessible to everybody.

An hour of playing Frisbee - a minus of 250 kcal. One game in volleyball carries away from 400 to 600 kcal.

Slightly it is possible to be kneaded directly without getting up, before the beginning of the day, and it is possible to approach to a question more seriously and to make all complex - vivacity and good mood are guaranteed. So let your vacation be not only pleasant for your mind, but for your body as well!

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