Marriage should make you happy

Author: admin |Wed, 06/10/2009

18 In a modern society concept about a family and marriage are various more than ever. Today except traditional there are various forms of marriage such as international, unequal and a marriage of convenience.

Women more aspire to legalize the relations. Mostly it is because of social stereotypes in society. From the very childhood every girl knows that marriage is the most important thing in their lives. And we all dream about it a lot. And when there is a high time to get married then it may happen that a girl either has no man to marry or she has, but he doesn't want to get married till he becomes the top manager and buys a good house. But it may take much time!

Everyone understands that the stamp can change nothing. But the relation of a society to a couple is formed to this sign. And you can do nothing.

Misalliance nowadays is quite popular. Are such marriages happy? Both spouses in such union can be quite happy, and it doesn't matter who is more senior - the husband or the wife.

The matter is that there are some reefs in misalliance, including intimate character. With the years sexual activity of both spouses varies. This change also can serve as the reason of breaking the relations.

The basic plus of the different-age union is that partners satisfy in such marriage not only sexual, but also psychological requirements. Often happens that the elderly man marries the very young girl to prove to associates that he still can be strong, and to himself - that he can manage with wife (probably if the wife was the peer she would incur a role of the leader). Also it is desirable that the young wife was the virgin who could not compare, without having the previous experience of sexual relations.

And what happens when the young man marries the mature woman. Sex in marriage where the spouse is more senior, plays more significant role, than in the previous situation. As a rule, the mature woman realizes not only the blossomed sexuality, but also desire to ego-trip, be the teacher or mother. And the young man in such marriage sees in the partner, first of all, protection.

Under the influence of such wife, the husband develops really faster, grows socially more successfully, is actively realized in a life. But after a while the man grows from a role of the pupil and tries to become the head of the family. And again the conflict. After all the wife does not wish to concede the right to be the leader.

So any marriage, no matter what difference in age it has, depends only on desire of spouses to find common language and to aspire to mutual understanding. The happiness in marriage does not depend on age. The main thing is to love each other.

Speaking about a marriage of convenience it is necessary to tell that all marriages are in some way of convenience. By convenience is meant not only financial convenience, but also other conveniences.

Many women search for the husband who would be first of all the good father for their potential children. Men look the good mistress for themselves, especially in villages. To other people, whether it is the man or the woman, first of all are required respect and the encouraging relation to professional merits from the partner. For this purpose some choose the husband (wife) of the same trade.

So the marriage of convenience (not monetary) is not worse than a love marriage. And love feelings do not last forever. For very emotional people feelings are much more important and for less emotional people the convenience is the first condition. So you shouldn't make people agree with your points of view according to marriage. Many men, many minds. The person is happy only in case that he really wishes to be happy.

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