It is time for love

Author: admin |Mon, 06/15/2009

45The rhythm of a modern life forces us to do everything on the run. We even fall in love between conferences ...

Hardly someone will argue that the main vital value is love. But often there is simply no time on it. It will be a topic not about search of the ideal partner, but about development of harmonious relations with relations which are already present.

That what you would not tell to your colleague or the relative, for some reason you through out on your beloved person. And wound with careless words in the very heart. Be carefully! The Flowers of mutual relations require protection and tenderness. Watch words, looks, and deeds. Put yourself on the place of your beloved. How long are you going to test love? How long are you going to arrange traps and checks? You will not deceive Intuition. If you love - you simply love. Without tests.

Plan the love time. And these hours try to be with your beloved with all your heart and mind. Learn to forget all affairs for this time. Let all worlds wait! You are together. If you are so occupied, that every minute is planned for months forward, think, what event can be "moved"? Plan a romantic date for this time. It doesn't matter how many years you are together - each such meeting inhales a new life in your relations. And it is absolutely unimportant, where your date will be - in romantic small restaurant or you will have a picnic in the open air. In small hotel or on expensive resort. The only thing which is important, what emotional coloring will this date bring.

If your children are still babies, ask the friends, relatives or neighbors to look after them. Today they have helped you; tomorrow you sit with their children.

If your house affairs steal all free time - pass «Flying lady» courses; learn to be in charge of housekeeping competently. Or take advantage of services of the maid. Hand over linen in laundry. Order a supper in the house at familiar restaurant. All these free minutes spend alone with the beloved. Constantly update your relations. My friends and sisters always with husbands find interesting romantic "features" in relations. Such a love game. Make the morning call at work gently to say: «Good morning, darling! Let your day be successful. I love you! » A love note in a pocket or a folder. By recognition of strict men such lovely messages melt the strongest hearts. With or without a reason women receive flowers and gifts. It is important for everyone to know that he appreciates and loves you. It gives light, it freshens relations.

Necessarily find time for joint dance. You can't? Learn! A tango. A waltz. It is romantic!! Take together the dance lessons. Some together hobbies are necessary.

Do not cease to admire his achievements. The man should trust in himself, and you should help him with it, as no one does it better then a wife. Be always nearby in a difficult minute. Do not abuse, do not regret. A grief and a trouble is divided for two, you will feel twice easier. Find proper words. Help to endure the hard moment in a life. Distract on walk in a wood or a night city. Simply keep silent. Admire beauty of street lanterns and perfection of the nature.

Invite your beloved on a concert or a friendly party. Live now, do not postpone a life on future. How long it is possible to prepare for a life? Children will grow. They will have their own lives. Think of it today. Look at your husband with eyes of that young girl who has seen him for the first time. Admiration. A great love. For years, on all life. Be happy every day! Life passes quickly, and feelings vanish also rapidly. Don't let the strongest feeling in the world vanish from your hearts. Don't let love disappear; make it alive and even stronger than it was. It is not easy. And as praise you will have a happy life every day and every night!

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