Marriage or family?

Author: admin |Mon, 06/15/2009

47 Why once spouses decide to become parents? Therefore speaking about aspiration of people to become parents (aspirations are sometimes so strong that failure becomes tragedy) is much more often happens that adults by means of occurrence of the child first of all aspire to solve any personal problems. As the tool of improvement of relations in a family. Often, when conditions in a family are not the best, moreover, when it is already obviously for spouses that there is a threat of divorce, the pair (and sometimes only a woman, without opinion of the husband) decides to give birth to the child - maybe then we will love each other more and for the sake of a kid will live together, and both of us will calm down ...

But the child is not cement, and in most cases he has no power to fasten collapsing relations of adults: if two cannot agree the birth of the third will only complicate a situation ... the Birth of the child will add new problems and even more so it will be difficult to speak about "calm". And very seldom children are born for that parents could share with them own happiness and joy! And it is almost the only occasion to give birth to children which does not cause problems then with these children ...

... By the way it doesn't mean that "it is not necessary to give birth in general". But remember that the child is the live person, instead of a toy, it is not a thing. And in many cases before to make such decision, it is necessary to realize, WHAT FOR is it necessary to you? If you unconsciously try to distract from any problems by means of the kid - then especially understand that in the beginning nevertheless it is necessary to put in order your own family, social and other relations, and then already to become a mother. After all your problems become even more serious, and you child will suffer a lot! And does it really worth giving a life to the new person if its occurrence does make happier neither him, nor you?

No wonder that people distinguish marriage, a family - the union of two loving each other people, - and a family arising only with a birth of the child. Without hesitating of high words it is possible to tell that children are our future and immortality, unique possibility for us not to interrupt a link of times.

The child gives to parents that they could not receive in any other way. Enrichment of family connections is extremely important for the person. Our focus of interest extends - and with the kid we recollect the own childhood. The pleasure from a birth of the child lasts all life. Undoubtedly, a kid brings more pleasures, than alarms and afflictions. Henceforth and forever parents should participate in bringing up a new personality - anyhow becoming teachers and psychologists. We, parents, start to understand life more deeply, its true value and sense.

Try to become more careful to each other. Avoid estrangement; be not discharged one of another. Do not go in cycles in the baby, but also do everything to give your child a good bringing up and education. Become infinitely patient. Be careful of own persistence and super insistence. Study in condescension. And, certainly, be constrained as much as possible: now it is impossible to be irritated and clash with each.

You begin to realize: soon your status will change forever. You become Mum. For the small little person for many long years you become everything: light in a window, protection, a support, the best friend. Original care of newborn is not only and not only bathing. Care of the baby is a constant contact to it. Spare no time and no efforts. Crying of the child is a call for help, he speaks to you "go to me". Do not deprive of its dialogue and support in that case even if you know that he shouts simply "with boredom" - it misses for you.

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