What does the beauty of the woman begin with?

Author: admin |Thu, 06/18/2009


With the youth? Hardly is it possible to argue with it. Not the passport youth but the freshness, sexuality and appearance which are peculiar to young girls. Only this youth is meant.

After all it is possible to be young either in 20, or in 30 and in 50 years ... And on the contrary. Hardly is it possible to look well, having superfluous 20 kg on hips.

Maybe the beauty comes with the happiness? They say that the person shines with happiness, and it is difficult to imagine the ugly happy woman. At the same time the happiness is something always very deeply personal - the strong family, favorite work and, of course, the birth of the long-awaited child ...

 Does it begin with health? This is, perhaps, absolutely exact answer. Health is a basis of natural beauty which defines a youth and appeal of the woman, and possibility to conduct a high-grade life.

The healthy woman perfectly does without powder and a cream; her harmonious figure will be underlined by any clothes. She would not spend money for cosmetic surgery, lifting, peeling, etc. she succeeds to do everything in time: she manages at work, at home, with children...

How is it possible for the modern woman to become so beautiful?!

If you met the woman who assures that she is happy with the size of her own hips, it means, you met a liar. Or the young lady who pretends that she doesn't worry about «Why do they keep fat, even when I keep to a diet? » or «oh my God, they are so fat! ». Actually, hips are really fat (despite the formulations). A priori. It is natural. And all these flat models and narrow-hipped beauties are no more than result of a genetic mutation, the indicator of evolutionary degradation.

 Every second dreams to "cut off" from riding breeches zone superfluous 5-7 (and even more) centimeters. Fitness in this question seems a too tiresome and long-term method, liposuction - too radical. The only way is a diet. Boiled chicken, unsalted rice, kefir... so the majority of us imagine a diet. There is no pleasure from such tasteless meal, advantage is doubtful and effect is short. But the bad mood, stress and gloomy thoughts are provided. Honey, berries, fruit and dried fruits will give «food for mind» and as it is paradoxical, will help not to overeat. Naturally, to abuse desserts it is impossible. But from the teaspoon of honey eaten at the moment of stress, still nobody got fat. But definitely felt better. So, day should be start with a glass of the finest water before a breakfast. You can add a little lemon juice in water, in a proportion 1:1, and a good mood and hopes for coming day. The irreplaceable companion of a diet for hips is physical activity. Now, when it is warm outside, evening walks and jogging in the mornings do not seem so impossible any more.

If you daily go on foot not less than 5 kilometers (it about an hour of walking on the average speed), or ride circles on a bicycle, superfluous kgs will leave faster. Besides it is chance to get new acquaintances and to sunbathe, think of the important things a little or simply to listen to favorite melodies on mp3-player.

Modern women do everything possible and impossible to look better! A sun deck, the cosmetician, a sauna, Spa-PROCEDURE, fashionable diets. But to look the woman in blossoming and to keep it is completely not same. Don't we miss something important in a pursuit of external signs of health? We consider ourselves healthy! But sometimes there is a hormonal misbalance. Thus any bodies start to work with an obvious overload, others, on the contrary don't work properly.  All it leads to various diseases. We should be moderate with the diets and yearning to the perfect appearance. First of all it is necessary to adjust the inner balance and then if needed to start adjusting your body.

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